Penza region found new sectarians from Belarus

In Moscow now started working phone hot strip. Cpetssluzhby and police are turning to the population of Belarus and asking supporters to report Penza sectarians.
This is what marks the attendant hot strip Vladimir Small on appeals from Belarus:
"There are many. Report various information about the sect. About those who are there, who sits in a cave. And of those that are in other places."
Russian expert: "sectarianism in Belarus vserasprostraneno"
To negotiate with the reclusive president joined Russian Association of Centers for the Study of Religion and sects Leonid Dworkin.
In an interview, he said that Russian sects have an impact on people of Belarus:
"On Actually so. Vserasprostraneno sectarianism in Belarus. "
Dr. Leonid Dworkin compares information about staying in the cave of minors, including less of them — Belarusian Lena Vabishchevich.
"We did not use of force"
Tips scientist for their release:
"We did not use of force. Necessary to negotiate. Necessary one way or another to assure them that they took help. And I believe that the key to, to take them up — in the face of favorite Pyotr Kuznetsov."
As it turns out, Peter Kuznetsov incited people to move in the Penza region long. Kobrin district police chief Edward Yarashuk recognized that it was in This year his staff three times interrupted campaign activities favorite sectarians.
Kuznetsov explained to that kids should not attend school
Colonel himself Yarashuk knew Kuznetsova
"He spread his faith, books. Clear at all that that kids should not attend school. Telek, computer, mobile phone they called in their own way, bad words. Forbidden no matter what technique. Yet, Kuznetsov personally took her achievements. For example, an excellent car moved. "
According to the policeman, "catcher shower" all the same deported from Belarus. But apparently late.
An official in the executive committee Burdyko Galina says that in today’s family from the village of hermits Vabishchevich Glinyanka real disaster. Two children with their parents — in a cave, two more are now orphans:
"I beheld that the boy and girl. They are so bravely fighting for their survival! They even contain a horse. I’m aware of the whole life of this family. And very sorry for these kids. They are also in a border state!"
In the photo: So looks cave in the Penza region

About 30 cultists who call themselves members of the "true Russian Orthodox Church," closed in the cave. They threaten to undermine themselves if they will get power. People under the ground waiting for the end of light that, in their judgment, will come in May next year.
Favourite sect — 43-year-old Peter Kuznetsov. The parishioners of his "house of worship" are the people of Belarus, near Moscow and Rostov.

Belarusian family saved from doomsday underground in Russia, 15.11.2007

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