Perverts, pederasts, fascists and moral monsters of the PACE taught Russian barbarians to civilization

After paying an installment on the content of the Council of Europe in the amount of EUR 23 million (the largest contribution to the organization), Moscow has sent a delegation to the annual spanking to the Parliamentary Assembly of the body. Paid flogging the Russian delegation began a tradition after the entry of the Russian Federation to the Council of Europe in 1996 and since then has not stopped …

In the end, MEPs also need entertainment, and there is a fascinating exercise, you put your knees on the Russian peas and tear up their rods for the money?

Apparently, the first of the Russian delegation headed by people with latent masochistic tendencies. Although sometimes they snapped, and even promised to stop paying for the content of this strange public places.

But then the offense going, and everything went on as usual.

However, this time the chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Sergei Naryshkin, who was determined to head the Russian delegation refused this idea does not seem to find a propensity to self-torture.

Generally speaking, all that get up on gatherings of PACE in respect of Russia, requires special consideration …

A brief list of just some of the claims that have presented the Russian delegation at this time:

1. Recent years, Russia was moving towards "increasing authoritarianism", with a particularly rapid pace since December last year. Examples are laws of libel, the NGO as "foreign agents" on meetings and dissemination of information on the Internet, as well as the trial of Khodorkovsky and «Pussy Riot». Moscow proposed to amend the recently adopted laws on "defamation", "On information and meetings" so that "they can not be used maliciously to suppress public opinion, freedom of expression and civic engagement."

2. Indicated the shortcomings of the prison system, legal proceedings and investigations. Special mention to the PACE resolution was awarded a former State Duma deputy from the "Just Russia" Gennady Gudkov, devoid of the mandate in mid-September after allegations incompatible with the work of the Parliament of business. "The Assembly is very concerned about the recent decision to deprive the State Duma Gennady Gudkov, a member of the" Fair Russia ", his deputy mandate."

3. From Russia also demanded refuse to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia, to withdraw its troops from Transnistria.

4. Demanded an end to pressure on the countries of Central and Eastern Europe through the "Gazprom" by not suiting European gas prices.

5. Required not to give "political and financial support to the Government of Belarus," putting this support conditional on respect for human rights and civil liberties of the Belarusian people. "

6. PACE recommended that the Council of Europe to take the examination of the bills under consideration in Russia. The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe may soon turn a proposal to Russia to provide for peer review in the Council bills for the reform of the Prosecutor's Office, the FSB, as well as the creation of the state broadcasting service, the revision of the laws on religious organizations, alternative military service, etc.

7. PACE proposes to transfer monitoring the situation in Russia at the level of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. However, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe does not have enough votes to make recommendations on the transfer of the monitoring procedure in respect of the Russian Federation to the level of the executive branch — the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. For the adoption of the document was necessary two-thirds majority of those present. 121 voted for the recommendation of the deputy, against — 74. Thus, the monitoring procedure for Russia remains with the PACE.

8. The Council of Europe has also demanded that Russia fully implement its three resolutions on the war between Georgia and Russia in August 2008. And these resolutions, to put it mildly, confused aggressor and the victim.
And so on.

For the adoption of the recommendations of 90 members of the Assembly voted, 24 were against and 3 abstentions.

After getting acquainted with the price list of claims PACE raises the question: why Russia own power? Instead, it will solve all the Council of Europe. Moreover, the price list shows that if the Russian government does not satisfy the requirements of PACE, it should be changed by sending the Kremlin candidates from the PACE (the list is known from the time of the events in the Swamp area).

And in fact that is the main thing: Russia claims to announce European politicians with the most reputable. Get at least the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, Miss Christine Oyuland:

"It's about respecting the rules of the organization. Russia has pledged to respect European values and behaves like a member of the club smoking Smoking "- said the lady.

There reason I remember that in March of 2007, as Vice-Speaker of the Estonian Parliament, Miss Oyuland expressed two ideas on conflict around the monument to the Soviet soldier-liberator. She offered to send all non-citizens of Estonia, who participated in the protests against the decision of the Estonian government to dismantle the "Bronze Soldier", and ban on the broadcasting of Russian TV channels in Estonia.

We immediately see that we are dealing with a representative of the "superior race", which considers worthy of the human rights of persons with Estonian passports, and unworthy of so-called Negroes (non-citizens), which can be as cattle plague, shake out of the country.

The very same "master race" has great respect for European values. This is evident from the annual marches members of Waffen-SS on the streets of Estonian cities under the screams of young fascists. However, for some reason Freken Oyuland still not smart enough to accompany these marches through the speakers quotes from the Nuremberg Tribunal. A tribunal qualifies "Waffen-SS" as a criminal organization and prohibits its continued existence forever. That's when the real formed Estonian Symphony compliance with the country of European values.

By the way, a little earlier militant Freken Oyuland in an interview with The New Times threatened to create a list of persons involved in the Yukos case, which will be denied visas, and their bank accounts frozen. "Europe does not stop at nothing to make human rights are respected in Russia", — she told tone of a man who does not know doubts.

It is difficult to understand why the Russian delegation each time going to meetings with the likes of Freken that Russians do not take it for the Huns, not that of the Scythians.

It is quite obvious that no "human rights" of these Freken not bother, otherwise they would deal with the fate of the 100,000 Kosovo Serbs and turned into a rogue, robbed, humiliated, raped ghouls of predatory Kosovo Liberation Army, nurtured by Europeans on Serbian soil. Or at least expressed their condolences to the Syrian government in connection with the newly pogremevshimi terrorist bombings in Aleppo, which killed about fifty human lives.

But no, they are concerned about "growing authoritarianism" in Russia, which is reflected in the fact that there are taking a long time in the West adopted laws on NGOs, the dissemination of information on the Internet and at rallies. They even have the nerve to dig in the Russian prison system, the emphasis is not oblivious of secret CIA prisons in many member states of the Council of Europe.

PACE report on Russia, the first since 2005, has 550 points. There are some points about the positive changes (you need the same kind of objectivity), and all the rest — a direct interference in the internal affairs of the Russian state. "It's not the Huns, not the Scythians" should be taught "not to smoke in non-smoking areas."

However, I would understand, and that, in fact, actually in this "smoking room" comes. For example, December 9, 2011 ideologically close PACE deputies U.S. senators adopted amendments to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Article 125-I had previously been banned sodomy in the military. At the same time, in full compliance with the good of the Christian tradition included in the definition of sodomy and sex with animals. Now everything is permitted, and gallant U.S. Marines can use not only colleagues, but also tucked in cattle demokratiziruemyh their countries to meet their high demands. It is not known whether in awe of Afghan camels and donkeys, but the Council of Europe is silent, like a mouthful of water scored. Like, none of our business.

Continuing the theme of moral decay of Western society, it is impossible not to mention the same-sex "marriages." But the child, brought up in a homosexual "family" — from the first days of life a little sufferer hostage sodomites with a twisted mind. We need this?

Or, it would seem, a private matter — allowing sodomites to ordain priests. Today, pedophiles and pederasts are well represented in the European clergy. And even if pedophiles hide their inclinations, the buggers are proudly under his cassock homosexuality.

Perhaps, and this will force the Russians PACE?

Another question. Today, from the juvenile justice howled tens of thousands of European families. In these families broke into the official, who has the right to judge who is right and who is wrong, but the result was that only one small Finnish parents excommunicated from 20 thousand children. In Russia rises whole social movement against the juvenile justice system, and this is — part of European values. We need these values?

Analyzing all these "innovations" European "pravochelovekov", one can not but come to the conclusion that the Russians offer a very unpalatable menu. Russia participates in the Council of Europe since the reign of Boris Yeltsin, who, apparently, decided that such a move will incorporate our country to European civilization. Today, as we have seen enough of how this civilization has acted in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, as it decomposes own society to a "barnyard" Orwellian, it's time to ask: what are we in this forgotten civilization?

After all, what tried to do PACE Assembly at its last meeting on Russia fully meets the aspirations of the Russian liberoidov sent American "soft power."

We must pay tribute to President Barack Obama. As the most insightful and talented American director of recent decades, it just caught the futility of forceful pressure on Russia in order to weaken it. This pressure only accelerates the mobilization of Russian society, which is manifested in its response to international events.

And it is not by chance "soft power" is eliminated in the southern underbelly of Russia such a knot of tension, as the regime of Saakashvili. It is also a sign of the new course. After opening a gateway between Russia and the Americanized Georgian regime render great service to the cause of the impact of Russian society in the right way to Washington.

Obama made a bid to "choke in the arms." And he's right: the only full withdrawal of Russian understanding of their historical mission, blurry brain hedonism ideology and mythology of "human rights" can actually stop the process that indicate the words "Russia is concentrating."

And the fact that it is "focused", it is clear even from its weapons programs, which include the creation of new types of strategic weapons, including strategic aircraft and ships such as the "Mistral" relevant only to the country's imperial policies.

West knew it was time to take the most effective measures for Russia not to deviate from the path laid out in her nineties "democratizers" and lead to the disappearance in the mist of history.

Look how soft Obama reacted to the ban by the Russian authorities of USAID. Another administration would satisfy global scandal with convulsions in the UN and other venerable institutions. And then — silence. So, everything is done seriously. In place of this subversive office stand dozens of others. The strategic decision was made — Russia should be subjected to ideological and spiritual decay is not being spent on the arms race and swelling army. And the Europeans will play the most active role. Not accidentally received the Russians a lesson in the last Assembly PACE so much like a zombie in combination with rods.

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