Pledge of happiness — in peace

The first spring sun came out for a long time, the window chirping sounds pushy, but many still get nervous twitch at trifles, or regularly spoil the nerves themselves and others. The cause of experts see increased anxiety. In order to regain peace of mind and the ability to enjoy life, you need to restore the body's natural defenses.

Nature does not come up with nothing stressful conditions: with a small dose of experiences a person as quickly focuses and throws all the power to solve the problem. However, work on the limit loads of nerve long been the norm for any active urban dweller. As a result, the return to a natural, that is calm and good-natured state, Can only a few. The others eventually get used to live with not passing anxiety. Concentrate on important details is getting harder man begins to feel "cornered", constantly waiting for trouble and breaks for family and co-workers for no apparent reason. Symptoms of chronic anxiety are varied — from almost habitual inner discomfort and a feeling that is constantly "sucking in his stomach" to nausea, rapid heartbeat and loss of sleep.

Statistics says that with an anxiety disorder, in one form or another, in the year one in five encounters. But even just looking at colleagues around the office, it would seem that the real figures are higher, at least — among the inhabitants of big cities. However, this humble and conclude that "such work any ozvereet" still not worth it. The alarm status is not normal, besides, his faithful companions — hypertension, gastric and duodenal ulcers, colitis, heart attacks and strokes. So, if you notice in the unjustifiable aggression, resentment, tearfulness and hourly desire to curse the whole world for their own troubles, it's time to take action.

It is worth noting that the office rituals — like regular smoke breaks or a pair of stacks for dinner — for relieving anxiety and are not suitable only exacerbate unpleasant condition. From these small pleasures on the contrary should be abandoned for the sake of their own peace and confidence.

Help to combat anxiety simple psychological tricks. First of all, arrange an audit of background information that accompanies you every day. Crime stories and news programs that promise fast apocalypse around the world or a particular city, you need to be postponed until better times. A current events that concern you at this point, it is worth trying to explore different points of view. Look at the situation through the eyes of a neighbor in the office or porch, try to keep an open mind to predict what value it will have in a few years. Rather, it appears that nervous on a particular occasion is meaningless: in the worst case scenario, the event is unlikely to lead to career collapse and even more so — to the loss of human life.

Another effective way to stabilize their psycho-emotional state — Focus on the positive statements. Once you have nervously fidgeted in his chair in anticipation of failure of the project or unreasonably "lowered dogs" for a colleague, start over and over again to repeat: "I qualified specialist and the work performed will lead to success." If anxiety caused by a common concern for themselves or loved ones, to make firm that you and your family are healthy and safe. Such statements are called positive affirmations and can be easily changed depending on the situation.

To restore normal breathing in the background of increased anxiety try a simple breathing exercise. Begin to read or start the stopwatch in the mobile phone: the depth of inhalation and output should be the same, with a short pause or without it. Any beneficial aerobic practice — from yoga and aerobics to conventional sportswear walks in the fresh air.

However, more than anxiety, the harder a person to change something in your life for the better. Often the body can not repair their own anti-stress mechanisms without the use of anti-anxiety medications. In such situations, it is important not to look for "happy pill" that intervenes in the course of natural physiological processes and, as a rule, is a drug for almost shattered the nervous system.

You should choose a drug that will help restore the natural algorithms dealing with anxiety and stress. Such preparation is, for example, "Afobazol": it is designed specifically for patients with an active lifestyle, and does not cause any drowsiness or addiction. In its application the way nature intended course of processes in the body is not broken. On the contrary, "Afobazol" restores the natural defense against stress factors and increases sensitivity to its own peace mediator — gamma-amino butyric acid. Balanced, soberly and constructively assess the situation — exactly as nature intended people. AND "Afobazol"Allows a person to return to its natural state.

The infection usually caused by anxiety provokes additional stress and, as a result, deteriorating physical and emotional state. Through the use of "Afobazol" manages to break this vicious circle. In addition, the drug is also used for smoking cessation to reduce anxiety symptoms, as well as facilitates the hangover. And it helps to reduce the unpleasant effects of premenstrual that add a lot of problems active and successful women. In contrast bolus sedative and psychotropic drugs Afobazol operates smoothly and gradually, the therapeutic effect was observed after one to two weeks after the start of, and the duration of the course can be up to twelve weeks. The effect on the body is so gentle that patients often do not realize how emotional return to normal. But their colleagues and friends were surprised to rediscover next to a balanced and adequate human which able to achieve success and enjoy life at any time of the year.

There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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