Poland may reconsider the question of the U.S. missile defense

BACKGROUND Polish government led by Jaroslaw Kaczynski began talks in Poland to host part of the American missile defense system. But the new Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that Poland should tsvyardeyshuyu position in relations with the United States and the newly appointed Defense Minister Bogdan Klich said that "it is necessary to weigh the costs and benefits of this project for Poland."
Russian officials, the Associated Press, more than once warned that the U.S. plan could lead to the modern arms race. On last week Moscow said in Belarus may seem medium-range missiles that could be perceived as a response to the deployment of U.S. stations.
U.S. also plan to arrange part of a missile defense system on the territory of the Czech Republic. With all this Washington says the system will be focused on not warning about the dangers of, and Iran

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