Police advise Americans not to show off their iPhone on the street

Police in Stamford (Connecticut) investigating the activities of street gangs daring robbers who specialize solely on Apple products and feel free to crowded places.

"Collectors of apples" made more than 40 armed robberies on the same pattern: a robber with a taut face hood drove up to the victim on a stolen bike, grabs the iPhone out of her hands, hiding from the crime scene, and then throws a bike nearby and runs away. Subsequently stolen smartphones with cracked software appear on the black market at a price of $ 100-200.

The victims have nothing to inform the police about the robbers — no one has ever seen those "The Collector", and robberies were captured on video a couple of times. The attacks took place in broad daylight and in public places.

Police urges citizens not to show off your iPhone on the street.

The most dangerous food in the United States: greens, spinach and kale

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published in this week's list of the most dangerous products, improper use of which often leads to food poisoning in the United States.

Ironically, the most dangerous product CDC experts have recognized the fresh greens — lettuce, spinach and cabbage. The reason — the bacteria on the leaves, as well as irregularities in the collection, processing and transportation. The use of such herbs often leads to indigestion. However, most of the greens poisoned the services of doctors dispense. People experiencing discomfort in the home.

In hospitals, the Americans most likely to be after the use of low-quality dairy products — milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise and eggs that have left an expiration date. In addition, not all stores keep perishable foods in the refrigerator 24 hours a day.

But the most dangerous product is chicken (with a few exceptions — the meat of other birds). These poisonings often lead to death. Experts strongly recommend to boil and cook the bird to complete preparations. However, even in this case, consumers are not protected against poisoning.

In total, from food poisoning last year killed 277 people in the United States. The vast majority of them are not addressed in a timely manner for medical help.

In 2012, under the wheels of trains of the New York subway killed 55 Americans

Leaders of the Office of public transport (MTA) hard looking for a way to reduce the number of accidents and deaths in the New York subway. In the past year, we recall, was shot down 141 passenger trains (55 — were killed).

According to statistics, the most common cause of falling on the rails is inattention (54). Often, passengers trying to get yourself back on track fallen wallets, cell phones and keychains (33).

Metro also attracts suicides (33). Nine people fell on the platform, trying to see the oncoming train (you need to lean over the rails). Four passengers were under the wheels of trains due to health problems (heart attacks, seizures, etc.) The three fell into the space between the cars. In general, every fourth victim was in a state of drug or alcohol intoxication.

Currently, MTA is considering two plans to reduce the number of deaths in the metro. First — install plastic partitions, and block the approach to the tracks. This initiative would cost about $ 1 billion. There is no money in the city budget, nor in the financial fund MTA.

The second plan is to install a special indicators on the rails. They will promptly inform the train driver about the man on the railway tracks. However, this technology needs to be improved.

As for the plan to slow the train approaching the station, from him will likely have to give. As estimated by experts, this innovation will slow down the subway at 30%.


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