Polish edition Songs about bison presented in Grodno

Plan to release "Song about the Bison" Mikola Gusovskogo was quite bold as for soon work published a couple of times. But you take it in your hand — and feel great amenity: a case with the image of ancient bison, reddish cover with gold marks, good print, illustration on blueprints. Society "Uroczysko" released a book with the participation of the Grodno center "third sector".
During the presentation sounded passages in different languages, first in the original — in Latin. Passage read in Lithuanian control public associations Algis Dirginchus Lithuanian culture.
Head of the "Third Sector" Vytautas mine — about what features in the new edition of "Song about the Bison":
"It happened in the area of Bialystok, Bialystok written. Feature of this edition is in the 1-x, its luxurious appearance, beautiful illustrations, cd-drive that is attached to the electric version of" Song about the Bison. "Feature also is that there Russian translation applied Natalia Arsenyev. And that under one cover 6 language versions, including the first time the British, which was not in previous editions. "
Also the Polish edition of "Songs about the Bison" were presented to two more joint bilingual book "Legends and Legends from the Niemen to the Bug" and "Traditional Bialystok and Grodno region."
The creators of the last steel Ioannina Chizhevskii on the Polish side and inhabitant Zelva Yuri Kachuk — from Belarus. Ms. Chizhevskii told how they occasionally argued about the origin of recognizable dishes — who are they: Polish or Belarusian? She said that the dishes and drinks prepared by the usual recipes, help attract tourists. Yanina Chizhevskii brought a bottle of vodka own production and requested to be treated with the audience.

Vytautas Mine is "Song about the Bison"

Algis Dirginchus read a passage in the Lithuanian translation

Yanina Chizhevskii ignorant of environmentally untainted drink their own production

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