Poll: How minchane relate to events in Georgia?

I’m in the center of Minsk in transition near the metro station "October".
Young Man: "Georgia — a country similar ours where not allow people to freely express their worldview the government. Georgian control has come to power through protests, and now doing the same — to put pressure on the protesters. They understand that the opposition also can attain power, and fear. "
Suvorov: "It is bad that the people dispersed. They rally because bad government, and beating them — dishonest."
A young man with a portrait of Che Guevara on the icon: "I’m negative, so there willing to throw the president, who is a usurper. A similar pattern to the Belarusian. Any action — something new, some innovation. To me, conservatism is unacceptable. "
Student: "It is best, so that was independence. But if there is no such as independence in Georgia, where it is divided by two world countries, the U.S. and our homeland, I better that Georgia supports our homeland."
Old man: "I like the last steps of the President of Georgia — that he went to early elections. This shows that he is trying to do something, but not as we do."
Man: "From what I know, it seems that one protsiraseyskaya force fighting against the second protsiraseyskay force.’s Hard to say — who is decent, who bad, I think that all there will be ok — will understand. "

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