Poll: what about the dream machine Grodno?

Lady: "I prefer French cars, they are very elegant. I think it might be a" Peugeot "or" Reno "- such a ladies’ version. Perhaps naturally, for our roads, they did not quite fit, but in the town, I think they may be at normal ride, because urban roads we are not so bad. "
Lady: "What kind of car I wanted to? "Lada", we have it, it is the most reliable car of all that I know all the western break, and this ride. "
Man: "I do not even know, I already have a car, my dreams were realized." Abda-100 "I was completely satisfied, I go 10 years, have to fix is not very often."
Guy: "Mercedes" — the most reliable. I have a "Peugeot" and wish "Mercedes", but it is worth it even more, fifteen thousand, for sure, but my car for four thousand. "
Man: "What kind of dreams, on the ride itself — on" Opel ".
Youth Child: "What brand I wish? Certainly, some family, like" Volkswagen. "This is not something that is very expensive for me, I’m just dreaming …"
Man: "I’d rather be dreaming purchase" Lamborghini "- an Italian brand, only we know. Very expensive sports car and very Cancel. Like what? Over speed like. Speed, if not mistaken, about 250 km per hour. Only purchase unreal. I do not have the machine in general. The latest, I believe, for our wages no gain for the money. And you can always dream. "
His companion: "I have a car," BMW 520 ", and it suits me completely."
Youth"We can say, that would suit me "Peugeot 406", it is a good machine, or "Skoda", her German suspension. I do not know, but three years old or four need to collect funds for this. "
Old man: "BMW" Love, love, Japanese very great machine too. I "Lada", unfortunately, while west car no money. "
Man: "Abda-A-6", it is expensive, about eight thousand euros worth. Buy it on our earnings is unrealistic, but if natuzhitsya, raise funds, it is possible. "
Young lady: "I, for example, like" Mercedes ". But for me right now is unrealistic to buy any car, not a lot of income."
Man: "I like SUV" Nissan Petrol "- a good SUV, but worth it very expensive to buy and it is not particularly realistic."

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