Polymir come to Naftan with independent trade union

Together with "Naftan" it contributed to the emergence and development of the town. Now these two businesses who wish to join. Sovereign Kuntcevich knows now about the relationship of the town and a petrochemical complex.
"As I read, his own birth and development of the city should naftahimichnamau complex. In 60-70 years, when thrashed fountains of oil, these companies gave the country profits. Naturally, and fall to the town.
Even in the time of perestroika, when the city council seething passion when discussing fundamental budget issues Zawadzki generals looked at it, as on some child’s play. And then-head of the executive committee of the youngAlexander Niyakovskamu had very hard and hard in order to teach all to think who is the head of the town.
Prerequisite that is naturally well and is now in the main, there is no law on local government. This could be the subject of a separate discussion. And here Navapolack not the only example.
One of the problems addition time became bad ecological situation around town. According to the then tradition for environmental protection special attention was not paid. Factories bringing profit, and their emissions in particular none of Governors directed sufficient attention. Not before it. Communist Party and the Russian government put before them other tasks.
In these sentiments of discontent and there was a strong environmental movement. His catchy, as they say at the moment, has become a favorite charismatic electrician working with "Polimir" Gennady Moiseev. Such a local Walesa lakh. By Novapolatsk practically flew environmental wave of rallies that brought together thousands of city dwellers. Mosaic listened as one earlier history of the town, from the party and the Soviet city and of higher nomenclature. United around him a significant amount of active people from all over town. Guys pretty quickly realized that the environmental problems lies not only in environmental activities, and — in the political sphere. With Novopolotsk greenish movement came out and the first urban policy. Here it is impossible not to recall such names as Lavon Barshcheuski Vitaly Gidranovich Victor Kakovka, Sergei Sokolov Voyush Jakub Lopatka, Anatoly Kulik well, and many more. Their popularity was so strong that the elections to the 12th convocation Sun G.Maiseev gentlemen, and L. Barshcheuski V.Kakovka become parliamentarians. There they all took a very proactive approach and thanks to them, in including, Belarus became a sovereign state.
And the activities of the current democratic structures is descended particularly from max times and events. "

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