Portraits Lukashenko coexist with portraits of Stalin.

"Farmer’s Field", year 1927. The newspaper reported: "In view of the 10th anniversary of the Bolshevik power … istnavannya Moscow bosses issued a decree that … given the greater mercy and grace, namely: to abolish the death penalty for all offenses not counting those, people who fit under the counter-revolution. Means in Russian kingdom can be evade death crust for all misdemeanors, but if swing finger on modern Russian owners of the country, then — kaput. "
On the 20th anniversary of the revolution Misha wrote on Linkov this week 1937 in the pages of "Lima": "Hrestsikami, malitvenikami, monks, ass, monopoly Bullpen tsarist government tried to" civilize "the edge, eradicate from the minds of its workers minute manifestation of the most ordinary human pluses fiercely disposes of the tiniest sign of the state of consciousness and the national revolutionary movement. Even the word "Belarus" painstakingly expels royal satrap of official consumption. "
On the pages of "BDG" on This week in 1997 Olga Tomashevskaya recalls: "According to the German law on the public expressed doubts about the existence of crime or the concentration camp system is a matter of the defendant. But in modern Belarus people are trying to assure that perpetrators of repression are not executioners and victims. And this is done with the filing and approval of the authorities. No wonder at public events, organize Belarusian authorities, Lukashenko portraits side by side with portraits of Stalin. "

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