Proposal for upgrading heavy flamethrower system TOS-1 NGO «Progress»

Proposal for upgrading heavy flamethrower system TOS-1 NGO
In the late 80s on arms was adopted languid flamethrower system TOS-1, and later received the title of «Pinocchio.» Brand new combat vehicle was a multiple launch rocket systems on tank chassis, special armed missiles with FAE warhead. First model rockets allowed to destroy targets at a distance of less than 3600 meters, which significantly reduced the combat capability of the system. In 2001, the Russian army entered refreshed complex TOS-1A «sun.» Upgraded flamethrower system received new missiles with a range of up to 6 km. Architecture of heavy flamethrower system TOS-1 and TOS-1A allows you to upgrade them again, increasing fighting properties.
A few days back the metropolitan NGO «Progress» published information about its own technical proposal for the modernization of existing combat vehicles TOS-1. In the process of modernization offered to equip the flamethrower system near new equipment created to facilitate the work of the crew and increase accuracy. Increase the effectiveness of combat work means using the latest equipment for navigation and anchor topogeodesic launcher.
NGO «Progress» offers to equip combat vehicles TOC 1 and TOC-1A system ABAC-KTNTS (clear transcript of this designation is unknown), which consists of several sensors and data-processing equipment. It is argued that the use of this complex will allow to do the heavy flamethrower system of reconnaissance-strike complex, able to do without the help of other combat tasks without using outside assistance.

The main element of the ABAC-KTNTS ensuring its performance is inertial measurement unit. It must be installed on the launcher combat vehicle and to track its position. Inside the armored shell is more accelerometers, designed to determine the position of the launcher. Argues that inertial measurement unit of survey provides up to 0.7 divisions protractor.

Data from the inertial measurement unit is transmitted to the central control unit and navigation, which processes it and determines the position of the combat vehicle. In addition, the data come from the Doppler velocity meters, antennas, satellite navigation systems, etc. The use of multiple methods of obtaining disk imaging on the location of the combat vehicle can significantly improve the accuracy of navigation.

Proposal for upgrading heavy flamethrower system TOS-1 NGO

Proposal for upgrading of heavy flamethrower system TOS-1 NGO «Progress»

Accommodation option products ABAC-KTNTS on BM TOS-1A (to 634B)

To increase the accuracy of the firing system ABAC-enabled KTNTS laser rangefinder with an accuracy of up to 10 meters. Another method of providing a clear and heap of fire is to use complex sensors and actuators associated with the launcher. During volley automatic system ABAC-KTNTS able to see the frequency and amplitude of oscillation package guides. Regardless of the value of these characteristics central control unit takes the proper commands. ABAC system-KTNTS can change the interval between missile launch or operate dampers, maintaining the desired position of the launcher.

The principal feature of the latest development of the NGO «Progress» overdrive fighting properties flamethrower systems is the possibility of an autonomous land navigation with great accuracy and topographic location. It is argued that it will allow the military machine in continuous look out for its location and display information on the color screen in the workplace commander. Received information on the location of the goal, the commander can calculate the best firing position, the direction of approach to it, also pointing angles. So Makar, unchanging work navigation systems can significantly reduce the time to prepare for shooting by eliminating the need for complex and lengthy procedures for determining the coordinates and topographic location.

ABAC system-KTNTS also allows very fast to leave the position and avoid the return fire of the enemy. After leaving the position, fighting machine, fitted new avionics, can quite rapidly prepare for the latest shooting.

Proposal for upgrading heavy flamethrower system TOS-1 NGO

Proposal for upgrading of heavy flamethrower system TOS-1 NGO «Progress»

Accommodation option ISS products ABAC KTNTS on BM-TOS-1A

New NGO project «Progress» provides a significant acceleration combat the modernized machine TOS-1, which has a positive effect on its vitality. In the light of comparable short-range possibility of rapidly withdraw from the firing position is fundamental and necessary feature of the project. Another fascinating feature of the proposed modernization of combat vehicles is updated only of electrical equipment without any great design configurations. So Makar, installation of ABAC-KTNTS comparable allows fast and simple to make better combat abilities machines TOS-1 family.

The modernization project of heavy flamethrower system made NGO «Progress» as exists only on paper. When the proposed system will be installed in combat vehicles — is unclear. In this regard, the latest electronic systems prospects remain dim. But the alleged ability modernized machines TOS-1 looked curious and hopefully that can contribute to continuing to work with the following construction of new combat vehicles or upgrade existing ones.

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