Protection against sexually transmitted infections

Protection against sexually transmitted infections.  Photo from

Safe sex — Is masturbation. And with a partner is only sex protected. But not all methods of protection that can prevent unwanted pregnancies, and protect from genital infections. Barrier to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are only some means of protection relating to a barrier method.

In the first place — is condom. Male condom compact, easy to use, requires no special skills to use etc. Modern condoms are not only do not reduce the sensitivity, but rather may add a pleasant sensations (e.g., embossed or pupyrchatuyu).

The female condom is less convenient to use, and has such a large number of varieties. But it can be inserted into the vagina in advance. And it also protects against genital infections (including AIDS).

Different vaginal suppositories also protect against some STDs, but not from AIDS. Therefore, if there is no confidence in the sexual partner, then it is better to use a condom.

If sex without protection genital infections occurred, it is necessary to carry out emergency prevention and be sure to consult a doctor, venereal diseases.

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