Public editor next week — Alexander Fyaduta

Fyaduta Alexander was born in 1964 in Grodno, finished the Russian branch of the Philology Grodno Municipal Institute of Yanka Kupala. Candidate of Philology (1997), defended his thesis on "The reader in the creative minds of Pushkin." Worked as a teacher Russian language and literature in Grodno school number 20, was the secretary of the Central Committee of Komsomol and the first secretary of the Union of Youth of Belarus (1991-1994. was head of the socio-political disk imaging Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus (July 1994 — January 1995), resigned, taking responsibility for the "white spots" in the newspapers instead report deputy opposition BPF Sun 12th convocation S.Antonchyka corruption surrounded Alexander Lukashenko.
Creator of numerous publications in the Belarusian press. The compiler works Thaddeus Bulgarin in a series of "Logos" (2003), the creator of the book "Alexander Lukashenko. Political Biography. "Married, living in Minsk.
• On-line conference with Alexander Feduta 15.06.2005

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