Public editor week — Alexander Fyaduta

Ulitenok "Russian grocery store in your memoirs — it …"
Fyaduta "There was kefir, there was milk, bread, butter, some canned fruit … I realized that there will never buy meat. There wasof fat, there was fat. Although there cancel the creation and Grodno, and Volkovisskij meat factory, but then went on, as readand in Moscow … At the same big-name "Eliseevskiy." When I went there, the first time I saw … "
Ulitenok: "… what is the real store …"
Fyaduta "There was caviar. What was-then fish, about which I knew nothing, since the bulk of my youth was the fish flounder. "
Ulitenok: "More — sprats in tomato sauce …"
Fyaduta: "I did not eat sardines. And fish was hake."
Ulitenok: "But do not people just got used to this poverty, and even some praise …"
Fyaduta: "We have one kivbasa, but high quality!" And in the West, they say, with all the additives, there is all unreal. "
Ulitenok: "Practically speaking, for those Russian time, we were not dealing with shops and a distributor. At the moment? "
Fyaduta: "Now there is a choice."
Ulitenok: "With delivery through imports."
Fyaduta: When I come to, for example, in Kiev or in Vilnius, or in Warsaw, I see a huge number of species of the same, say juice. In Belarus, where the currant grows everywhere, it is not. "
Ulitenok: "Again, the same problem of its own production …"
Fyaduta: "Technology it is not very changed. Apart from maybe the dairy industry."
Ulitenok: "For full counters hiding old Russian prepyadstviya …"
Fyaduta: "We got a legacy to which nothing is added. And as management and remained completely Russian …"
Ulitenok "What else strikes you now?"
Fyaduta "Russian mythology whereby — our most savory! My dear little people, take you to the same Ukraine and look what to eat there and we eat here! "
Ulitenok: "In other words, your own" Eliseevskiy shop "we do not have built?"
Fyaduta: "No. And on Khreschatyk, and Marshalkovskaya and that" Eliseevskiy "on Tverskaya — shops still better than ours."

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