Punished for business flyers arrests

First tried Ruslan Lutsenko. Lena Nekrasov referee decided to review administrative protocols behind closed doors.
Outraged supporters and relatives of the detained businessmen in connection with this complaint written in the book of complaints and suggestions in the waiting room of the court chairman.
Recall: November 28 police Ruslan Lutsenko was detained and Ales Taustyka who handed businessmen in the mall "Underground City" leaflets calling come December 10th to October Square.
The police made their protocols as participants on unsanctioned actions before the trial was held in camera duty unit.
Despite the fact that Ruslan Lutsenko of days of pneumonia and suffered bad now feels himself, the referee sentenced him to confinement for 10 days.
Makaeu favorite businessmen Alexander said "Freedom":
"Discrimination rights businessmen. No-independent court. Plenty neutral attitude — because in this article and can be a warning and possible fine. But boys punished arrests. Authorities intimidated by street protests.
When we had permission to rally on March 12, me and other businessmen were detained for distributing disk imaging — did not see action was allowed. Authorities do not need consolidation business. And bullied because of our activists. "
Ales Taustyka — one of the applicants business shares. Lena Nekrasov referee punished him arrested for 7 days. She explained that given the shortest term as it has 2-malehankih children.
Ales Taustyka not expect the referee to finish the job:
"We are not political — but only to solve our business affairs, to cancel the 760 th decree. But even if we will not allow the event we have the right to come to the square and look at the Christmas tree and even stage a dance to show our unity.
Can say, that the police department in Factory duty police treated us great. Maybe respect us for our eyes beheld that we’re not murderers … One of the officers said that they might continue to distinguish humans from animals. "
Olesya wife Natalia Taustyka was struck judgment:
"They put him as the perpetrator of some … Time will show everything and put in its place. We lay, not in vain that they did, that they are sitting not in vain. Maybe our children will live better. "
In the Tribunal came to the United civilian favorite Party Anatoly Lebedko and Siuchyk. Siuchyk believes people have become accustomed to such courts.
"Lawlessness in the country since that time. I’m well aware that people will still day. Approached just to support them. Very surprised by the behavior of the judge who flagrantly violated th Lukashenkava legislation, saying that the tribunal will be closed.
Lutsenko only suffered of pneumonia, and it is clear that he is currently bronchitis. But the referee all the same gave him 10 days, and Taustyka — 7. This blatantly, but, unfortunately, our society is accustomed. And because people wasabout so little. "
Applicants meeting Victor Coley, Alexander Toustsik Alexander Makaev Oleg Shabetnik, Alexander and Victor Tsatsura Kryval not expect that city officials allowed to meet on December 10 at 12 o’clock on October Square.
But they believe that entrepreneurs are willing to go out on an unsanctioned rally.
• In Minsk, judge of the 1st meeting of the applicants business 29.11.2007

• Delayed one of the applicants business meeting on December 10 28.11.2007

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