Putin praised the Belarusian elections

What Putin and Lukashenko silent?
Why Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin is now in public does not affect the most sensitive issues — the cost of gas and the recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia? Who does not wish to trade friendship with Russia Alexander Lukashenko? Can we say that the question of Russian loan to Belarus is already solved? These and other issues in the transfer of "Examination of Freedom" discussions are political columnist for "Belarusians and Market" Pavljuk Bykovskii and chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina.


Vladimir Putin congratulated Alexander Lukashenko and not so long ago the parliamentary elections:

"The election results says that your policy has the support of the people," — said Putin Alexander Lukashenko.

"According to our estimates, they have been at the highest organizational and political level. I am confident that we will be able to successfully solve all the upcoming issues that appear in the relations of Russia and Belarus, both at the executive and legislative. "


Grodno — on the Belarusian-Russian affairs
How, in your opinion, have changed the Belarusian-Russian affairs for the past two months after the war in the Caucasus? This question is answered Grodno.


Lukashenko Putin: In the federal state boring
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is currently on a working visit to Belarus. Vladimir Putin plane landed in Belarus late schedule almost two hours.


Popov recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia: "Let’s not rush"

Once elected House of Representatives 4th convocation, reporters asked acting speaker Vadim Popov, who, incidentally, is running for the Council of the Republic, as soon as the new parliament may see this question?
In negotiations Fishing season Minsk gas prices and the provision of credit will not be linked with the recognition of the independence of Belarus South Ossetia and Abkhazia, says source RIA "Announcements" in the Russian government.
"The question of the recognition of Minsk South Ossetia and Abkhazia open a discussion at the talks will not" — said the source.
October 6 in Minsk together with Vladimir Putin come Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin, Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko, FSB director Alexander Bortnikov, Governor of the Federal Customs Service Belyaninov.

"Formula gas prices have been agreed with Belarus in December 2006. It provides for a gradual increase in prices in 2008 is worth 67% of the market, and in 2009 — 80%, 2010 — 90%."  
According to him, Belarus wants to get 2 billion dollars loan. But the size of the loan and the conditions will be determined during negotiations with the management of Alexei Kudrin Belarus.
Forecasts and Belarusian officials raseyskie about how much gas will cost, different, BelaPAN. With all of this, both parties refer to the contract between "Gazprom" and "Beltransgaz" from December 31, 2006. Russian side does not rule out that the cost of gas may be about $ 250 for a thousand cubic meters. A draft budget of Belarus laid another figure — 140 bucks.
In late 2007, Belarus and Our homeland signed an agreement that Minsk will receive 15-year stabilization loan 1.5 billion dollars at the rate of LIBOR + 0,75% with a five year grace period of principal. Belarus requested the funds to pay your energoelementy.


What a luck with Vladimir Putin?

Belarusian political scientists and of their Moscow colleagues who are engaged in Belarusian affairs, said that the highest guest, symbolically speaking, to put in front of the Belarusian ruler scales. On one side lie preferential credit and low gas prices, on the other — the recognition of the sovereignty of Belarus Municipal South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and open access to the Russian capital of Belarus.

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