Quote a day or — 3 cnezhnya

"I am very glad that dictator failed rapidly and one hundred percent grab another country on our planet. Chavez did not have time to build one hundred percent of the authoritarian-totalitarian transition to the totalitarian model of government. All the same great seats remained freedom. Although there where something honestly believed voice. And this means that the Venezuelan youth, educated people, entrepreneurs, whole more democratically minded provinces not under the impact of social demagogy or naftadalyaravaga bribery by Chavesavaga regime. While it is clear which model using these petrodollars he builds. This is a lesson to all those who thought to create Internationale dictators here in Minsk and rely on their support. "

Party Chairman BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka — over the defeat of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in the constitutional referendum.

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