Radim Gorki: Not necessary tarashkevitsa jaw and tongue to help out!

Ulitenok "states that you entered in the Writers’ Union of spite …"
Gorki "… arrogant friend. "And my neighbor on the country — Nicholas Cherginets. existence of several unions — this is normal. But on one condition: if they are in similar criteria."
Ulitenok: "Who gave you more notable writer?"
Gorki: "First, of course, my unforgettable friend Yanka Bryl. Ales Adamovich, Gennady Buraukin Neil Gilevich, Vertinsky, a lawyer, Kazko, Nyaklyayeu, Zuyenok … Well, of course the Bulls! We used to be friends, too perfect. "
Ulitenok: "It seems that you Comment out expulsion from school curricula Belarusian classics?"
Gorki "Very outraged it’s just savagery! Since they are the same all the same can not erase! As they were classics, and will remain. Is it possible to throw that’s the same one I referred to? Never! "
Ulitenok: "Either the state lacks the State Academy?"
Gorki: "Although it is called a" state ", but whiteRussian language, Belarushchyny there is less and less — it really, we can say, not. Weirdly it, so how do you Belarusian-then — opposition. Shy as in Belarusian start … "
Ulitenok: "And what is evident at the first Congress of Scientists of Belarus?"
Gorki: "The only one who took advantage of the native word on the podium was Richard Smolskiy."
Ulitenok: "At the moment, the government is trying to strengthen Tipo language?"
Gorki: "Law on spelling and Belarusian orthography developed a commission headed by the Minister of Education sovereign Radkov. But he never says Belarusian. How then can lead such a commission? I think, language at the moment becomes the object of politics. That, of course, is incorrect. That Radzkou read something like this: the law will be applicable means discontinuing neobmyslennogo illegal use in a repetitive printing tarashkevitsa. This is a common policy! "
Ulitenok "What to replace it?"
Gorki: "Now that’s not necessary to engage in such zakonatvorchastsyu. The most important thing for us — the preservation of the language. Its distribution in daily use. Language rescue need. "

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