Radim Gorki: We and Russia — quite different

Ulitenok: "Do you have a book with an amazing title:" The sacrifice of his "I" …
Gorki: "Belarusians so weakly related to their own" I "- suddenly they say," Well, we have Russian here now, behold! … "True dies always …"
Ulitenok: "What are the cultural heritage of a Once in the underground for more than you wish?"
Gorki: "The same language which is currently in the Red Book. Sorry for many of our building monuments — killed, destroyed, neglected, and once it was called Belarus State locks! "
Ulitenok: "What are you most disappointed in the Belarusian mentality?"
Gorki "Praise tolerance, and she often crosses already indifference. Later — we are very patient. Understand funny story about the reaction of people on the nail planted inconspicuously? Belarusian Only then refrained silent, says:" And I thought, and need. .. "Next — kryvdlivasts and envy. Take the same BNF: one goal, and awareness can not find."
Ulitenok: "And in the Belarusian temper amuses you?"
Gorki "Talenavitasts. And because we all Time wasand donors and remain culture, science and so on for their own neighbors. "
Ulitenok "What" Maykrsoft "or a mop — everywhere otyschesh own!"
Gorki: "Yes! Later — Belarusian diligence. Recognised and our kindness. How and what we peaceful people. "
Ulitenok: "Does not it seem to you that the Belarusians mentally ill or cosmopolitanism in general — internationalism?"
Gorki: "There are not many. Enough of those who already have forgotten the language. But somewhere deep in the genes, such compunction lives Belarus that he always"As there was excellent!" Although lived here, maybe very bad. "
Ulitenok: "What is different from Russian Belarusians, Poles, Ukrainians?"
Gorki "More myagenkie, more tolerant, more benevolent. When they began not so long ago (the same Russians, incidentally) gene do cut, it became clear that we — completely different . "
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