Radio Sweden in Belarusian — 3 years on the air

Karatkevich "What, Dmitry, unlike your radio, which transmits in Belarusian from, for example, the Polish edition of the Belarusian Radio Is Radio Liberty Belarusian?"
Plax: "Well, in the 1-x, we have not covered the events in Belarus. This is not our patrimony. We’ve covered only the actions in Sweden or Belarusian-Swedish case, if there is something in common.
In-2, "Radio Sweden" — a public station, apolitical, non-governmental. So called public service. These are the two main differences "
Karatkevich: "How many Belarusians working in the state, the community?"
Plax: "The state does not work in one on Actually. I and my co-worker Julia Konovalov work contracts: 70 percent of each bet. And we have two freelancers — Lana Frolov Rodionov and Ioannina. "
Karatkevich: "In his letter, in which you refer to the audience in the middle of the rest of the voice of the contribution to the development of the Web. If we talk about the listening audience, it is possible to calculate, compared with internetnay?"
Plax: "We do not have the ability to conduct a study of our audience. Because it is very difficult to answer this question. According to the latest poll, which was conducted NISEPI, heed our station about 140 000 inhabitants of Belarus. The survey dealt with the rating zabugornye radio heed to small waves respondents.
We aired four times a week on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays at 20:30 Minsk time on small waves at a frequency 6065 kHz in the range of 49 meters
In the web while listening to us even the smallest audience, but the number of Internet users is constantly increasing. Especially at the moment when we started podcasting. "
Karatkevich: "you have said that your mission is to say, what’s happening in the Swedish kingdom and about the relations between Belarus and Sweden. What a burning information just about the relationship of Sweden and Belarus? "
Plax: "For example, the information that is widely held here, it covered not only we, and other editions of the Swedish Radio — that is, information that Sweden will help Belarus in building storage facilities for radioactive remains. Tomorrow, for example, a party in the Swedish Writers’ House, where come moladegvaga favorite cup of poetry, which every year takes place in Pinsk. We will also cover it.
It must be emphasized also that our transmissions — not based on the news. Specifically Belorussian service "Radio Sweden." We have no news, but there are main events. We provide them on Saturdays. And I think it is fine, because it makes us different from other radio stations. "
Internet address "Radio Sweden" in Belarusian —

Channel zabugornogo Swedish Radio broadcast "Radio Sweden" has existed since 1939, when aired on British language transmission. Belarusian language — the "newcomer" in the midst of those languages in which "Radio Sweden" broadcasts now — first on the programm Belarusian language aired on November 7 2004

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