Raising children in the United States: sadism in the law

More than bizarre methods of "training" (more like torture), which became known during the trials of adoptive parents in the United States, is not the fruit of a sick mind mentally inadequate people. This "therapy" in the United States recommend to suppress the will of foster children. And her followers already actively advocate, and teachers in Russia.

Jessica Bigley at one point became famous not only in the state of Alaska, but also far beyond. And all thanks to home video, which she posted in a popular TV show. On frames makes a woman's adopted son from Russia to rinse your mouth with hot pepper sauce, forbidding him to spit out. For a long time holding the baby under a cold shower. The boy was crying loudly and asked to stop bullying.

While watching this video, many women in the studio lamented. The Commissioner for Children's Rights in the Russian Federation Pavel Astakhov, compared with what is happening with the child, "torture of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay." Jessica was very surprised when instead praise its methods of "education" was condemned. She did her best, as she was advised to experts. The Court is left out and foster mother sentenced only to six months' probation and $ 2,500 fine.

Leszczynski wife also got off probation for having long abused three adoptive daughters of Russia. They forced them to run tens of kilometers, push-ups on the board — so that the girls were deformed his fists, stand on my head for a long time and kept under a cold shower. For the slightest infraction of girls sent to sleep in the doghouse. One of them almost choked when, as a punishment for the slow mowing it sent a stream of water from a hose.

Finally, the couple Craver received only a few months in prison, although their adopted son Vanya Skorobogatov was taken to hospital with severe head injuries incompatible with life.

In all of the cases (in fact, much more such examples) have something in common: wild, downright savage ways of dealing with foster children and soft, are not comparable to the offense, the punishment. According to the American human rights organization "Parents Against Domestic Violence", usually for child abuse citizens receive at least three years in prison. But when it comes to children from Russia, dates are provisional.

And this is the explanation. It is called — a syndrome of non-attachment. It is this diagnosis, along with fetal alcohol syndrome in the United States awarded adopted children, especially those who have taken out of Russia. Six months ago, told about it and Pavel Astakhov, commenting too lenient sentences adoptive parents.

Stories of those children, which were discussed above, published on the website Advocates for Children in Therapy — American human rights organization founded by leading U.S. experts in the field of child psychology and psychiatry specifically to deal with the pseudo-scientific theories that are hazardous to life and health of children.

One of the most common theories of this kind — Attachment Therapy — Therapy (violation) of attachment. The footage video posted on this site Advocates for Children in Therapy can see the methods of this "therapy." Lay on the mat a little girl about seven years old, and on top of it lies a large woman (about 100 pounds of weight). Girl screams in pain, it is heavy, it is almost suffocating. A woman in a moment of yelling at her: "Will you stop to behave this way? '.

During the discussion of the ban on the adoption of Russian orphans by Americans, psychologists, criticizing the methods of AT, wrote on Internet forums that the majority of injuries and deaths Russian adoptees are connected with the use of this "therapy."

The fact is that its adherents insist that all foster children suffer syndrome of attachment — no matter what age they were in the orphanage. This means that parents are not to blame for the fact that they fail to make contact with these children. Always blame the children.

And Bigley, and Craver, and Leszczynski — all of them for advice and help of a psychologist practicing AT. So in their own way, they really would like to do with it — like the sadistic methods they suggested a "specialist."

Also unruly foster children are encouraged to starve, wrapped in a carpet and sit on top (same video is on the site Advocates for Children in Therapy).

"This area has no scientific basis. The described methods of work of this "therapy" are beyond the humanistic attitude to the person (associated with violence — physical or moral). And the results of such work with the children were given a few deaths — killing six children from 3 to 13 years. In this case we are talking about a hard kink — through the knee — the child's personality, "- commented," Pravda.ru, "methods of AT Professor, Department of Educational Psychology MGPPU Tatiana Kuzmishina.

A website Advocates for Children in Therapy writes that Attachment Therapy today is the most dangerous form of fraud in our country. For the most defenseless and vulnerable children in institutions and foster homes or adopted, this lzheterapiya is unbearable suffering. How does the suggestion of fear, hunger, pain, humiliation, distorted picture of the real world can lead to attachment, faith, love, and make a child happy? We need to know that it leads to death "- warn opponents of AT.

A year ago, one of the most ardent supporters of this "therapy" — Nancy Thomas — delivers a lecture in Yekaterinburg. The site of the local NGO "Aistenok" it was touted as "one of the leading experts in the field of early attachment and family therapy." Invited as foster parents and child care workers.

But Advocates for Children in Therapy report that to the methods of the hobby AT Nancy Thomas was breeding dogs. Not surprisingly, in his lectures, she recommends, for example, that: "Sometimes a child just out of control. Then we sit down at the child. I used this was done with the dogs and it is much more dangerous — with their fangs and claws than the child. I take a good book and read it while sitting on a child. "

Also, the "expert" reports that most foster children are "working on the devil and pray to the devil." Another of the common charges against the foster children of the followers of AT — without the "therapy" they become psychopathic killers and future "Hitler."

Not surprisingly, one of those terrified "experts" foster mothers to see in the hands of a child of five kitchen knife at bay decided that he was going to stab her, called the police and handed over the baby to an orphanage.

Learning about such methods of "education" orphans, many countries that have recently been the main "suppliers" of their children to the market adoption and strict restrictions in this area.

In 2007, the United States from Guatemala in 4726 were exported children, in 2009 — 754, and in 2011 — only 32. Vietnam has also banned the "export" of children. In 2007, U.S. citizens adopted 828 Vietnamese children in 2010 — 9, in 2011, — 0. Even China's exports of U.S. children over the past five years has decreased by half.

By the way, back in 2010, the famous American expert in the field of child psychology and psychiatry professor Gian Mercer in an open letter to the Russian Commissioner for the Protection of Children's Rights wrote about the need for a moratorium on adoptions of Russian orphans by U.S. citizens. The reason — too many herbs and deaths of adopted children from the use of AT.

As they say, it's time.

Svetlana Smetanin


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