Recruitment process in the United States takes a tragic turn

While the Obama administration is trying to convince Americans to a record low for the last four years, the unemployment rate (7.8%), the recruitment process takes a tragic turn. On that not only are tired of the lack of money (and inactivity) for residents of a stable and guaranteed income.

For example, a resident of Oklahoma, Chuck Lowe offered to the person who employ him, to "give a ticket to Super Bowl2013 or make a trip to the Hawaiian Islands." Unemployed admits that he still have a few thousand dollars to complete impoverishment, and he intends to spend it for the benefit of the future.

A similar device used by a resident of Arizona named Chris. He promised to arrange a free tour of the state for their future employer. "I know Arizona at their fingertips — he wrote in the online blog. — With me you can taste delicacies meals in the best restaurants, the most exciting ride the rides and see the stunning scenery. "

Another unemployed, John Johnson of Wisconsin, has offered to arrange for the employment of "a fantastic hunt" in the forests of the state. "We have to go hunting for wolves, bears and wild boars — he promises. — You remember this trip for a lifetime. Your guides will be my cousins — the hunters from half a century of experience. You do not pay a cent for something that costs thousands of dollars. "

In addition, hundreds of thousands of Americans are willing to pay to get the goods and services that they need to sell the line of duty. "I want to work at a small grocery store and get paid meal — says Anne, a resident of Missouri. — The main thing is that the employer allowed to buy food at cost. Something I leave myself, and selling something to relatives. " Anne frankly admits that her husband's salary is barely enough for the rent and utilities, so the house is missing the main thing — the refrigerator filled with food.

A resident of Kentucky, Laura lost her job back in 2008, offers a potential boss to get out of his home and look after the elderly or young families on weekends.

"I'll do it for free if I get a job for 5 days a week for 8 hours a day — says Laura. — For me, it will have no difficulty. The boss should not be at the same time feel obligated. "

All of these proposals — a consequence of frustration in the efficiency of tens of millions of resumes that are written unemployed "a blueprint" (according to statistics, only one out of fifty resume created original, with a creative approach). Americans finally realized that the "classical" method does not find a job. The competition is too great, and hope that it is on your resume will notice as stupid as the hope of winning the lottery.

Defenders of the labor laws of this trend, very scared. They fear that a variety of gifts and services bosses will be popular. Moreover, from the point of view of the law, a trip to Hawaii and tickets to the Super Bowlyavlyayutsya nothing more than a bribe and attempt to enter into a criminal conspiracy. However, to bring such cases to court will be impossible if the deal only know two people — the employer and the employee.

Unemployed, meanwhile, will not stop. They are enthusiastic to talk about their relationships and opportunities, overshadowing professional skills and experience. For instance, one of the residents of New York are very vaguely hinted that his brother is a famous lawyer and is able to get down to business free of any complexity. And himself unemployed looking for work security guard. "By hiring me, you save thousands of dollars — says the unemployed. — I'm the type of person that is able to solve all your problems. "

Quite often, people point and your physique, as well as a hobby. "I've been in baseball since the age of 3, so I can become a good partner for the game or learn to play baseball for your child or even wife," — says the man wanted the work of highly specialized technical engineer.

Another unemployed truck driver claims credit for a strong constitution: "On the road, often an emergency situation when you have to engage in a verbal or physical fight. I'm not afraid of such incidents. Strong fists and big biceps always made people respect me. "

Unemployed ready to find a job for the "bribe" is sure to become the object of any large-scale and detailed investigation. However, now they can be easily classified.

The first category consists of conservative people who feel ashamed to live at public expense. They are tired of unemployment benefits and are willing to do anything to not sit in the four walls and not to look ahead potolok.Oni ready to make the future chief of "best friend" who is known to be known in trouble.

For example, a Missouri resident named Joe, who worked for nearly 40 years dismissal builder, laid out in the online summary of the mass of family photos. In one picture he is playing with a dog and a cat, on the other — fooling around with the kids at the beach, on the third — a T-shirt charity raises money for the homeless. "My wife is an excellent cook, so my employer has already been invited to our house for all public holidays" — wrote Joe.

In my view, such an approach to the job search is a genius. From the photographs one can see that Joe — a decent man and a strong family man, his physical condition allows it to work on a construction site. Besides, he is not deprived of a sense of humor and, most of all, very generous.

The second category consists of unemployed who strongly stand out among the gray crowd with their hobbies. Among them — the travelers, sportsmen, collectors, etc. No matter what job they're looking at their resume shows that the life they have lived in vain. For example, a woman from Florida who is looking for a job ordinary waitress on a video demonstrating the ability to converse in 9 different languages. "If I find a job, you get a true interpreter who is able to cater for any first-class tourist" — she says.

Such enthusiastic people, of course, cause sympathy and trust. Specifically, they have employers who are just starting to promote your business. These bosses do not need a super-specialists. They need a decent and adequate people.

Another category consists of candid sycophants, cunning, and even criminals. They offer prospective boss share salary and bitch a number of federal agencies — from Tax (IRS) to the Immigration Service (USCIS). A woman from the state of California, for example, wrote that she would not mind doing a relaxing massage to his boss. And she's looking for a job in the "any large and prosperous real estate agencies."

Another unemployed calls himself a "super-specialist drainage installations." However, he immediately recognized that no education, no license or right to work does not. But willing to work for 25% of salary, which is produced by his legal colleagues. "With me your business will never go out of business" — warrants a "specialist."

These unemployed, of course, are under the control of the federal security services, which scrutinize the column "a job" and "job offer" on all popular resources. However, only a handful of cases end with the courts and the actual punishments

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