Regional authorities prevent activists go on Soc march

At the sight of him, they changed the numbers on the machines. When Vasily Siliverstov call the duty of the police and asked for help, then explained to him that the machines are police, who guarded him. Sp.Siliverst believes his wish preventively detained.
Currently Siliverstov Basil is in the waiting room Kalinkovichy infirmary, where he addressed after, as he became ill. Police officers who accompanied him to the clinic immediately whereupon left.
Also activist Andrei Tsyanyuta said parents came to him police. They threatened them that if their offspring go to Minsk Soc march against him will criminal case.
Andrew Tsyanyuta said that it is mercantile and aggressive pressure on his parents.
A similar situation in Paul’s nostrils from Mozyr — came to him police and also threatened to prosecute if he will participate in the events on November 4.

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