Reigning in hell

The film tells the story of a criminal gang "Aryan Brotherhood", which terrorizes the American prison. According to the American human rights activists, "Aryan Brotherhood" in the trades for 40 years, murder, drug trafficking, extortion, robbery, gambling and prostitution. The gang formed in the 60s in San Quentin prison in the United States for the protection of white inmates, grew into a sophisticated criminal network that directs the parties under the slogan "kill or be killed."

As a result of a six-year investigation, the procurator fielded dozens of allegations of leaders and members of the "Aryan Brotherhood" in numerous articles, including 32 for murder. The film tells about the biggest criminal trial in U.S. history. The creators of the program has been granted rare access to criminal gangs who carry out their activities because of the lattices of American prisons.

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