Remains dissolved in the Bialowieza Forest Diploma of the Council of Europe?

The Council of Europe require lengthy management plan Bialowieza Large Live. As explained Valery Dranchuk — The creator of the book "Bialowieza Forest. Resolution SOS", civilian control initiatives "TERRA-Convention", is not a whim of European officials. If they are on the hands of such a document, they can come with him to Belarus and to verify that directly executed, and that — no.
Sovereign Dranchuk believes the authorities specifically delayed the preparation of the document:
"It just very significant their fault. And "greenish" Belarusian, and representatives of the Council of Europe and others have long been required — well, show, show their cards to show that you will do in the Bialowieza Forest! This plan is not. And for the authorities not to have it profitably. They’re the last 10 years, only cut down the forest. For the authorities to profitably produce and replenish currency shadow budget. This is all that is required from the Directorate State Park. And the whole team actually thrown the forest to perform this tasks. Wilderness protection in the Bialowieza Forest no. "Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection commissioned to prepare a long plan of the Institute of Zoology of the National Academy. Institute Director, Dr. Bio Sciences Misha Nikiforov in conversation with our Radio said that for the work of his subordinates took only a few months back the clock:
"While contracted and stuff. But the work has begun. And she seriously promoted. And finalized this management plan for the following year. Virtually cost issue — one year. If work has gone, it has to give a one-year delay."
Valery Dranchuk said he sent a letter to the Council of Europe. Sense appeal — European bureaucrats explain the danger of compromise. "Extending the life of the diploma Bialowieza Forest (and it is given for 5 years) would mean a close eye on local calls robbery" — the letter says ecologist:
"I personally strongly against the extension of the euro to the same diploma so that the Belarusian side ignores not only the conditions and directions of the Council of Europe and a special diploma, and simple regulations in the Belarusian laws that prescribed in international conventions, principles of nature protection. Then makingsmiling in the Bialowieza Forest, is not consistent with the spirit and ethical essence of what we say. "Misha Nikiforov hopes for a reprieve:
"Just so to speak"We take you pick up a diploma — and all", it will not advance the cause. To be truly interested in preserving the Bialowieza Forest, you need to give a diploma. Especially since, Other requirements are made more or less, if possible. "
It is understood that the proper verdict Council of Europe will announce on Thursday, November 29. In Strasbourg, sent a special delegation of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus. It will be headed by Deputy Minister Galina Volchuga
• In the Bialowieza Forest destroy the old forest, 22.07.2007

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