Remember, you get along the promenade on the bones Protz!

In today in 1917 occurred in Russia the Bolshevik Revolution. Belarus — the only country in the former Soviet Union, where 7 November is celebrated as the city prazdnichek. Listeners respond.
Man: "In no country in the world so much pain and suffering was not brought to the people, as in Russia after the Bolshevik coup petragradkaga in 1917. And in Belarus after the liberation of the western part of the country in 1939-1940-ies. Hunger, cold and massive repression. Remember, you get along the promenade on the bones Protz! "
In Shklou penal colony number 17 began yesterday closed trial prisoners favorite unregistered organization "Young Front"Dmitry Dashkevich. His trial for refusing to testify against colleagues.
Zinoviev: "If authorities have been bringing nibudt against the" Young Front "and then reading Dashkevycha not needed. And so at their is nothing."
SMS message that we received to the number of mobile communication 391-22-24: "What distinguishes the Schengen area of the European Union?" On this question responsible analyst Ales Lahvinets, which is currently working as an assistant Milinkevich:
Lahvinets: "The Schengen Agreement, signed by the countries of the Euro Union is part of the integration agreements. Schengen Agreement created a place where there are no internal border controls between the participating States, which held a joint visa policy towards third countries people. Because oppose the Schengen zone and the European Union does not make sense, because it is a manifestation of European integration. "
Aaplet calls continue in what they say about the students and their own welfare imperatives:
Man: "From time immemorial been opened where the military hospital there. When there is fighting acts field hospital deployed in a combat zone. Was that of a military hospital in the town of Brest. Infirmary was closed, medical staff dispersed, citing the fact that no funds for its upkeep.
But funds for the Ice Palace and the rowing channel is. Because I’m their employees tribulations suffered strokes and heart attacks, and other diseases, said, "sore feet — go on the rowing channel and hand movements. Hurt hands — go to an ice rink and skate." I just chase and they say: "Do not zdekuysya of unhealthy people." I say, "Did I zdekuyusya of you! Mocks those for whom you vote."
Nina Yarmolinskaya Soligorsk: "Greetings to you, dear friends, authorities build palaces and hypermarkets, and people have nowhere to live. As a result, young families break up, it remains only to drink but to walk. Vpribavok benefits to all selected students, the elderly and disabled."
Nicholas: "When I say, that power abolished the privileges and prices grow up and live it became worse, that some elderly people they say that you can live, because in retirement even more than wages. And I think that it’s a nightmare that such wages! After all, the young do you need besides kids grow and build themselves a life! And what they will receive a pension of that poor earnings? "
Man: "What kind of stability of the Belarusian ruble always they say? For example, to calculate the tax on real estate tax base my home for 6 years has increased almost fourfold. Once a year at 70%. Here for you and all the stability and the official inflation rate of 10%. "
Lady: "Today, for the first time his life seen a bread costs 5800 rubles. Bohan weighed 500 grams. At first I thought that it was brought from somewhere in Australia. But no — the shtetl production. That’s darazvivalisya. "
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