Repressed in Belarus — more than a thousand

The organizing committee of the Public Commission for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression they say that the definition of the term persecution began in principle legally valid for the rehabilitation of victims of the regime.
This was announced at this press conference last lawyer Igor Rynkevich:
"Specifically, a referendum in November 1996, began to develop a mechanism of political repression in Belarus. Next eventually different elections and referendums in the node these dilemmas only delayed, more people were persecuted for their beliefs and political activities. "
According to the Public Commission for the Rehabilitation of Repressed 1996 referendum in Belarus over a thousand people.
Of them at least four people kidnapped and possibly killed, 10s was sentenced to imprisonment, hundreds were administratively arrested or fined, many dismissed from their jobs, others emigrated from persecution abroad or ruined because of political persecution.
Independent lawyer Yuri Balykin notes that the referendum paved the way for submission to other branches of government executive, and this led, as he believes, to dictatorship.
Lawyer indicates this with an example business:
"At first it was realized in the economic field. Spent two re businessmen have entered the order extrajudicial liquidation of economic entities, courts hundred percent subordinated head of the country. And now courts in economic disputes often take the side of the country, which confiscates the property business."
Commissioner Vladimir Romanovsky said that the lists are compiled not only repressed, and officials involved in repression. "On the development of such" grayish book "read Vasil Bykov. We currently implement this idea," — said Vladimir Romanovsky.
According to another member of the public commission, human rights defenders Valery Shchukin, in the future can not do without the lustration law — sanctions against officials who participated in the persecution:
"Certainly will be taken measures, that such a bureaucrat not only no longer served by the government, and these years not credited to him in life span. From this should depend on the amount of pension. "
Previous lawyer Igor Rynkevich said: Public Commission takes into account the case of repressed until November 1996. For example, subway workers dismissed after the strike in 1995, as activists, punished for his role in the middle of the street protests of the 1990s. "The referendum in 1996 — it is only a legal point of reference", — explained Igor Rinkevich.
Recall referendum in 1996 put these configurations in the Constitution that predictive sharp empowerment president and abolished the mechanism of termination capabilities through impeachment. Belarusian opposition says authorities managed to achieve victory in the referendum through the manipulation of public idea.
Human rights activists have issued a statement about the persecution of foreign people, 8.10.2007

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