Requiem for my deteriorating nation

From the author: My name is Joe Cortina. In the 60 years I was the commander of "green berets", then, in the civilian world — IBM representative and researcher at Honeywell Aerospace in Florida, later — the president of his own production company. I have two sons and two granddaughters who are the reason I write this article. In it, I wanted to show that threatens our freedom, the freedom I have used many decades ago when America was still based on Christian values sovereign state, free from Zionist influence, freedom, which, as I hope they will enjoy.

Joe Cortina (Joe Cortina) October 26, 2012


— Truth, justice, the American way, I just do not know what that means now.

The inscription on the cover of the book — "Guantanamo and Bush's war on terror"

I recently read an interesting essay about the internal discord of one man over the nature of his attachment to his roots and loyalty to their country (not the U.S.), the origin and history of the people were very complex. Perhaps I myself, a few years ago began to wonder what my country means to me TODAY. Or, more importantly, how and why my feelings for my country so drastically changed. Country that I learned to love from the cradle, learning the value of my family and listening to his father's stories about miracles and extraordinary virtues that exist only here in America.

And in later years, I was betrayed by my country and "proved" his loyalty to voluntary service in elite combat units in one of the most dangerous periods in our history. I strictly observed the laws of my country, and as an adult has always tried to do with justice. After a period of relatively free, but not vicious way of life, I am gradually getting more and more imbued with a sense of social responsibility, a sense of "civic duty" and remained true to his conservative views, from which, however, never really recedes.

I just felt that America was great because Americans were a great nation — a view that people are much better than I was separated for a hundred generations before the thought occurred to me (Alexis de Tocqueville).

This view has never changed in my heart, but changes in the situation, the situation will make the presentation of this reality, began to show themselves in such a terrible, painful way, what I could not have imagined even in a nightmare.

We WERE good people. Now, in the eyes of any more or less informed decent person, we are no longer so.

Throughout recent years, I am horrified disbelief, watched as vice metastases penetrate into every cell of the body of America.

Like most young people growing up and having gained experience of life, I lost my youthful "innocence." But even then I still have an idea of honesty, virtue and generosity of America and Americans.

A few years later, when the wisdom of knowledge and understanding have become a regular part of my emotional, intellectual and spiritual life, and I lost this naive idea of "perfection" of my country.

As a woman in front of first birth, and I could not imagine how much pain I will bring this knowledge.

It is completely and forever changed my view of my beloved homeland! I did not "leave" American ideals. They left me!

Having the ability to afford to travel (understanding the utility of travel — a "value," the father instilled in me, a man of cosmopolitan by nature, speak, write and read in 5 languages, as a young man visited dozens of countries and studied their culture), I was sufficiently educated and so clever, leaving my hometown, out to explore the world, I have visited more than thirty countries, mainly European, Caribbean and Latin America, and became acquainted with their culture. Within 5 years, I even had a vice-consul in one of these countries.

I thought I was educated as long as in recent years, did not realize the depth of the abyss of ignorance which gapes in place of my own neo-American culture, if it be so conceited to call this petty "fast food" mentality, my fellow idiots as high as the word "culture."

My experience today 74-year-old man let me say with confidence that today's "average" adult Joe Smith has the intelligence of 12-year-old. Notice I said "mature adult." These definitions — "mature" and "adult" in relation to the average American would be an oxymoron.

If you think these are my conclusions — is the result of my personal cynicism and need objective confirmation of our magnificent supergluposti — just googled the word "STUPID AMERICANS" ("STUPID AMERICANS")

How about a hundred thirty-threeMILLION REFERENCES! Convinced? Read on.

 — I hate to think

 — I, too,

We have to be precise, the last 2-3 generations of Americans — the country of immature teenagers, physically looking like adults. At street lingo — we were "omitted" to the level of idiots and imbeciles — to be polite. We have not always been so. I grew up in happier times, when I was surrounded by very well-educated people — decent role models — fine artists and credible leaders.

I prefer men

Who live and give



What do you think, why the question "what time do you think" golden years "of America?" Most people my age corresponds most definitely (despite the fact that they were young then) — "50's, of course! "A more accurate (in my personal opinion) — from mid 40's to mid 50's.

That moment when a Jew has created such vulgar stuff like "The Beatles" with their godless selfish materialistic mentality — "free love and drugs," was the beginning of the end of those simple times. From "The Beatles" began that the endless stream of rubbish and filth, who, with the help of old vices — lust for money and quadrupeds, filled and morally destroyed much of the generation and, ultimately, all that is possible.

Virtually no one locked the house, and only paranoiac could come up with the idea to lock the car. On Memorial Day, Americans honor veterans DO, NOT war criminals. It was not just "extra day off" in order to once again to feast and drink vdrabadan.  The schools were bullies, but to restore order and peace in the class did not require the presence of the police. We had a lovely qualified teachers who have had the power. And who are respected.

Gopota despised, and generally despised by all classes. Good students respected not only by the teachers, they respected and supported and classmates too. WHY? — Because (and this is the difference of those days from today) knowledge and intelligence were considered worthy and desirable qualities. No one wore a baseball cap backwards, to show the rest of humanity, which is also the owner of a tiny brains are turned backwards! Girls are not mutilated body piercings and tattoos, and most decent people looked on with such "decorations" as the dregs of society and prostitutes. Virtuous prudence and rationality prevailed over vice.

We then had a real responsible freedom. We rarely encountered openly racist views, and the crimes "motivated by racial hatred" against black or white were extremely unusual. Today, almost every week to hear another horrible story about how innocent people (almost always white) were brutally murdered, raped, burned alive, dismembered or tortured to death, even the children. Motives? "They were white! . "

Communism was (WAS ALWAYS) "evil" — a sworn enemy of the Christian Doctrine and free people, and therefore it is not tolerated in any form. It was a time when schools are NEVER BEEN VIOLENCE AND CRIME! I am not naive, pregnancy outside of marriage were, but they were rare. I remember when I lived!

There was millions of children forced to take dangerous psychotropic, addictive drugs like Ritalin to "cure" non-existent "disease" such as ADHD. NEVER had a single school massacre associated with these psychotropic medications, such as those that occur now, at least twice a year. Classic example — the carnage in the school 'Columbine'.

There was no "drug culture" — not a different kind of rap shit, no satanic rock bands or teen suicide. WAS — school prayer, moral principles taught in the schools, our "icons" and role models were real good good heroes, not villains vile vile and disgusting trash that permeated every pore of our decayed society today.

That's all there was, thanks, of course, greedy Jews managers who have sold their souls to promote invented by them dirt and filth — like "The Beatles", as "Rolling Stones", whose songs are full of impiety, lewdness and drug use, later opened the doors of hell for even more rotten filth as «Carnivore», «Malice», «Blessed Death» and «Rotten Corpse» and others, their name is legion. Jews have inspired and helped the emergence of this whole sickening foam, their goal was to corrupt the souls of our young people. Even then I knew that something bad happens, something goes wrong.

ALL movies were good enough that my grandmother could watch them with their children and grandchildren. Disney studio run by Christians, family-oriented people, and do not sell dirty pornography, worshiping the golden calf only JEWS! Our taxes are low, and even families prinalezhaschie to the lower classes could afford to have one non-working parent at home to raise children. THERE WAS NO CREDIT CARD OR MASS MENTALITY OF CREDIT. Why? Because we were all able to live within earns.

WHY? Because our parents taught us this and other really useful things even when we were crawling under their feet. I was "there", lived and tested in practice these truths. You young people reading this, if any of you still respect the truth and knowledge as their uvaazhalo my generation, take my word, or just your own sprit elderly.

By today's standards — my parents were poor people, and yet, my father could not afford to call "family" doctor to the house when I was very ill. Today, you'd have to be a multimillionaire to afford simple things that were once common in the American way of life. Yes Dorothy — in those days, all the doctors came to visit patients at home. People care about other people. Today, if I lived alone, I could die in a dream, and no one knew about it until I would turn to dust!

America was strong, loved and respected — not only at home — but abroad too. We were not afraid and did not hate as godless immoral state driven crazy paranoid imperialist war criminals, as it is today! We have earned what is called respect, because we were mainly a country of decent compassionate pious people. The truth was then still a priority for most. Never confuse RESPECT fear. Respect refers to a family of love. Fear — closer to HATE!

We have lost our moral compass and become a country not unlike the ancient Sodom. Today, our "Christian / Zionist" section of the population at the hands of no less innocent blood, as it was in the hands of the Soviet Marxist. Since most of the Marxists, we used to be, as true Christians, feared and despised and which warned our children. We have become those whom we once despised.


America as we knew

Ten Commandments today is nothing more than, at best, "ten suggestions". Our "entertainment" today is so nauseating, wicked and blasphemous that they probably would make Satan himself blush. 100% executable, created and financed by Jews, these entertaining programs Talmudic spewing filth and depravity in our living rooms on a 24/7, are a HUGE part of the formal education of our children. 

Evolution served as a fact, promoting free sex, terrible violence and homosexual perversion prepodnosimye as the norm, glorification of adultery, blasphemy propadanda acceptability of aggressive, unholy scum image as role models, racial hatred, it is the Americans, as a bit of apple pie and so etc. and the like.

We're like "moving the Dead" — doomed to become dust in the road of history. We ourselves, voluntarily gave up feelings — basic virtues — compassion and remorse. The truth, wisdom, responsibility and understanding — it is now "dirty words", not even discussed anymore. All that we love and respect — it is money, power, comfort, sex, and what makes us "feel good."

I never heard the words of wisdom, humility, truth and understanding from our leaders, since I was a kid. We have had, and to support all our real enemies and turned into enemies of all the friends that we had. Yes, I served my country, I wore a military uniform, but morally completely different people. I have learned to perform their duty of young men who had morals and conscience.

It is not surprising that among the more than one thousand guys that I personally trained in USATC during the Berlin crisis in 1962, there was not a Jew. They all were given grace, so that we, the cattle-goi had carefully guard their homes and quiet, while they can continue to run their posh lifestyle and engage in dust-free job of work in Hollywood and the media, rastlevaya our children's hearts, minds, and souls . Here it is — work for a Jew.

Above: 1945 — Oh my God — they are tortured people

Below: 2005 — Torture Chamber! Excellent! — Go and bring some detainees, and we will prepare everything for them before you get back!  —  Mind you, my nipple clamps!


Today's "new and improved" army — is the legions of geeks — murderers, rapists, robbers, sadistic thugs capable of raping and killing a family of defenseless, helpless or innocent civilians just for "fun." These horrific crimes — are now commonplace in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the "home", in America, no one would say even a word of condemnation!

Once you see how the same soulless young murderers kill your neighbors and your family right here in our own country! Why? Because "he ordered," some crazy war criminal like George W. Bush. Such terrible things were happening everywhere in the country has lost the moral law — will take place here! It — only a matter of time. If you think I'm exaggerating — then remember the terrible infamous incident at the naval base of "29 Palms».

I thank God that I was born it was then when he was born, not later — it allowed me to witness the era of virtue — or, at least, the time of relative innocence, simplicity and morality, the likes of which, no modern young man does not see or will not see for all his or her life. I fear for the moral health and well-being of my children and especially grandchildren — because as we tasted the taste of a Jewish "poison" is attracting more and more ignorant of our compatriots.

Behind the bar (left to right) — Family, Education, Justice, Church, Legislators, the bartender — Media. Justice says — "I do not understand what happened to our children today!"  

In moral terms, we are now nothing more than a rotten decomposed body, such as those that can be seen in a cheap TV series «Night of the Living Dead». Along with all the horror that we are creating around the world as a result of our greed — ignorance — racism — the hypocrisy and arrogance, one more thing attracts attention — what a stupid degenerate filth all day spews Jewish television in our homes. Half of ALL YOU SEE is based on our new and improved "commercial": Sex and money — SEX AND MONEY — kerf?

Oh, and have you noticed that virtually all of these "advertisements" are designed specifically for the "adults" with the brains of 12-year-olds? Now there are many aggressive commercials touting the means to increase the penis as if God created all of us with the defect. OR — how to fuck with everyone without having to worry about the terrible diseases that can be picked up from everyone, well, except for their wives, of course.

Even held a special PR firm for homosexuals — as it is easier to find other perverts — "in order to have a good time." Lotions, oils and clothing — all in order to make us more sexy — NOT neater — advertising that has captivated all it everywhere and every minute. All in order to ensure that our children are becoming more and more sexually enlightened.

Then there is the financial manipulators. Buy it, buy it, do not worry, you can buy any luxury item, what you wish and pay for it later (with a significant percentage of Jewish money-lender, of course). Oh, if you have problems, you're a little too greedy and irresponsible, do not worry, there are now dozens of new "companies" that specialize in correcting your stupidity, so you can once again "stand up" and begin to squander their lives again and again!


Then there's one more thing — DRUGS! Not so insidious and immoral thing as sex and money — but also a good litmus test for the patient (pun unintended) of the company. Note — none of these fuflyzhnyh drugs did not exist in the society in which I grew up. We did not have them. We do not need them. Why? — Because we all had the common sense and practical wisdom. Note to myself, what a HUGE amount of advertising various drugs literally flooded the TV — every 5 to 10 minutes on each channel.

Sometimes I'm just amazed at how our nation is still alive and functioning, if we all suffer from: — upset stomach — Migraines — sore muscles — insomnia — aching joints — stress — constipation — diarrhea — smelly feet — alopecia — fungal nail diseases — ulcer — halitosis — nechischennyh teeth — pathogens in homes — smelly kitchens — alcoholism — nikotinozavisimosti — fast food — uncomfortable beds — quintillion diets — craze sports exercises — apparent epidemic of allergies — funds from hypertension — the means of cholesterol — treatment Aging — Breast Augmentation — buttocks augmentation — colds — coughing — gout — prostate disease — defects of the bladder — Depression — herpes and so on and so on and so forth.

It is — like pharmacists, physicians and marketplaces barkers conspired with each other to give to the mountain circus act on the full and final cure for all ills afflicting the nation, or, obviously, the whole "modern" American citizen. He is so sick that it's amazing how he can still function in normal daily life.


And, of course, [after taking the medication] appears on the TV laughing recovered "patient", bouncing across the field of flowers as Dorothy in Wonderland. In a representative «Madison Avenue» and «Big pharma» is always fast source from which we are concerned, it will heal us — even if it is almost overpowering. At that made money, a lot of money — that's all that really matters! Only in AmeriKa — well, and the country!

Fat, stupid, disgusting. The degradation of the average American

The bottom line is that we are programmed to live in a false, imaginary world — where we have no responsibilities and absolutely no moral notions about anything. Hey — if it please you — do it! If you make a horrible mass killing of innocent people — do not worry — this is, after all, is not your fault, and society, and if you — a homosexual pervert or cruel bastard nigger / raving rap shit "nigger" (my euphemism for typical black street bag of shit and brains oysters NOT to be confused with a decent hard-working negros) — that, too, do not worry, because the ACLU lawyer (American Civil Liberties Union — American Civil Liberties Union — a non-profit, non-governmental organization of the United States with the stated purpose of "protect and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the constitution and laws of the United States," translator's note, Will be required to save you from the court and put the blame on the fact on whom she obviously must lie — a modest hard-working God-fearing family (now a minority) that made you commit a crime! For whom the bell tolls Treyvona Martin?

We are so debilizirovany our "puppet masters" that [to describe different things] continue to use the controversial and inappropriate, especially "by" erroneous terms such as "pre — CHOICE" to describe the process of killing the unborn child, or "African American" — to refer to black American, while CORRECT this term to designate and name of any person — African-American or white, who was born in one of the many African countries and subsequently naturalized, became a U.S. citizen.

Or, for example, the use of the words "assault rifle" or "automatic" in the description of a simple rifle that can not shoot bursts like a machine gun, and which in any case is neither automatic nor automatic rifle. Or, for example, the use of the word 'terrorist' to describe the national patriot who fights the invading forces in his country, a man must be called and commonly referred to as a freedom fighter! Or the term "cultural diversity" — to refer to racially-mixed marriage or homosexual perversion, or even some questionable in a decent society, behavior.

To describe a homosexual pervert / pedophile, we always use the incorrect word "gay." Here lies another terrible evil, meaning a perversion of our wonderful English language — well, you get the idea. All of these things — EVIL! They serve no good purpose, but only to help people in their vicious crime.

"We heard about you, about fifteen meters from the school, said," God bless us all! "

Finally, the last. One of the things of which I grew up, was the fact that in the country, whether you were Catholic or belong to one of the various Protestant sects, we all pray to God alone. WE ALL confess a common faith, we were all followers of Christ, and our collective faith called Christianity, and it was founded on the teachings of Christ.

Today, it is almost completely destroyed. Now we have a "new and improved" Christian / Zionist dogma, the implemented carefully and directed by Jews last half-century. Today, we no longer follow the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, our churches have been sold or turned into the synagogue of Satan, so despised by our Lord. We now have a collective oxymoron, so that never was — and never will — Christians who worship Satan. Read John 8-44 — (Jesus to the Jews), "Your father — the Devil — the father of all lies"

This is an oxymoron — a contradiction in principle — a combination of holiness and perfection of evil and godlessness. We have drunk from the cup of poison — the same poison that the Pharisees offered to our God a few thousand years ago. Psevdotserkvi hell today preach hatred for our fellow man — racism, preach wealth as a thing of equal piety, most important, the prime task of the pastor — to make sure that the crowd "feel good", to meet the itchy ears hypocrite.

New Morality — "Keep your head is whiter than white" — with the remover of Sin


This shows that we are spiritually dead! With the exception of a small number of believers really have to stay in America — we all sold our souls to the Jews (human children of Satan.) We are worse than Sodom — those in their blasphemy, at least, do not sin of hypocrisy.

Even a truly universal Christian Church — Catholicism — in which I was raised, infected satanic Jews. We now have a perfectly functioning, defamatory Christ Jew pretending to be betrayed by the Pope and a billion followers. Most Catholics do not know that "bishop" Ratzinger was the author of most of that blasphemous filth that poured out of the world of Vatican II. Throwing one look at the face of the "Pope" Ratzinger you will immediately see the black soul of the evil Jew.

All-American church of the religious right — "We decided that we needed a portrait of Jesus more relevant to our policy!"


With the exception of the only remaining true Christian Church — Orthodox — and a handful of loyal supporters — "Christianity," as I knew him in his youth, in a country that was in America, not a colony IsraHELL'a (from the words of Israel — Israel and Hell — Hell, hell, translator's note) Was completely destroyed by the Jews and the majority of our more than three hundred million people fooled to the state of sheep, primitive limited psychopaths.

From the moment when I realized the downfall of Christianity, I was looking for the "church", where I could feel, to share the true presence of God, where the spiritual leader, under any name, no matter how he did not call himself would be the integrity and courage to speak the truth, to defend the faith — and not just words, he must also, and as he received a blessing from the Lord to go ahead, to lead by example, and not hypocritical speeches.

I'm looking for a sober humble Christian 'pastor' and the true Christian church that will set an example, do not show fear in the face of disaster, will not abandon their principles under pressure from the secular majority, not back to the daily threats of evil — such as our government, and the Jews control means media, and therefore — shaping "public opinion."

Real Americans expose Jewish oligarchy

Show me a church driven such a person (hopefully within the next community) and I will join her and try to be a worthy member of this community. I searched, but found only the weakness, ignorance, stupid hatred, racism, and MONUMENTAL HYPOCRISY. These fake church boasted of anything that they are "gay" — "dynamic" — "Inspirational" — "transfigures" — "everyday" — "informal" — "exciting" and even "rich", but never the fact that they are bona fide and true teachings of Christ. In fact, all of this — "traitors" of Christianity in America. I'm not looking for an orgasm of your ego or trendy social club for private parties with "Sunday" Christians. My search continues.

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