Resignation Paulichenka: cleaning or prosecution?

Is it the beginning of the end service career policeman who did personal errands control of the country?
Press office of Interior Ministry troops confirmed the information that Dmitry Paulichenka for a day or was removed from the post of commander of the 3rd Brigade Chyrvonastsyazhnay separate special purpose and is oriented to the commander of internal troops. Already taken place Paulichenka Yuri Kara, Minsk OMON commander of the regiment. Circumstances of the resignation of Dmitry Pavlichenko press service did not comment.
Dmitry Paulichenka comes in the list of persons, which the West suspects of involvement in the disappearance of opposition Yuri Zakharenko, Gonchar, Anatol Krasowski and journalist Dmitry Zavadsky in 1999-2000. Initially, police colonel Oleg Alkaev and later general of militia Nikolay Lopatik celebrated in their own reports facts from which it followed that Dmitry Paulichenka Tipo ran Enigma operations — Seizure and liquidation of the opposition. Wife disappeared Gonchar Zinaida inclined to think that all was well:
"You know, on written documents, and this man was involved in the disappearance, and the upcoming fate of the missing. Know how this man behaved during rallies, but know about those whom he personally beat. Makarom So, I can not believe it he did, but to him personally I am not familiar. "
Spetsnaz brigade commander Dmitry Pavlichenko was appointed first 2000s after spetsatradam command. Many people in Belarus calls itself here spetsatrad "death squadron". Already a colonel and received a number of awards, including the Order of the Russian Orthodox Church continued Paulichenka personally manage the operations against the opposition. In 2006, he ran the crackdown of demonstrators protesting against the rigged presidential elections. Then the protesters used the gun, and former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin arrested. Politician recalls personal role in Dmitri Paulichenka:

Alexander Kozulin"I went to the police, who stood in the ranks that the conditions that people will disperse rapidly and so did not touch them. And when he turned, Paulichenka twice hit me in the back legs, where kopchyk. I fell, and later I adnyalasya leg long time could not move it. "
Why Alexander Kozulin is not going to apply to the court for it to Dmitry Pavlichenko? Alexander Kozulin information recalled that in late 2000 Dmitry Pavlichenko delayed KGB. It was made by order of the KGB chairman Vladimir Matskevich but Paulichenka soon at liberty, and Mackiewicz — retired:
"Well, what the tribunal we can be? Tell me why Paulichenka arrested, but some unknown method, he was released, although this decision was not? But with this you need to go."
Alexander Kozulin believes that today the resignation of Dmitry Paulichenka "must not exaggerate." Policies do not exclude that Paulichenka removed, only to send specific signals to the West, "as if in Belarus are making progress." "People like Sheiman Paulichenka do not disappear. You need to wait in order as they appear on new positions, "- said Alexander Kozulin.
Journalists meanwhile among themselves discussions are yet another version of removal Dmitry Pavlichenko — Tipo it passes in a criminal case and took him on his own recognizance. On the designated version case was brought to the KGB. This information does not comment on the KGB.
With Dmitry Paulichenka can not talk because of contacts with journalists, he refuses. As you know, several years ago Dmitry Paulichenka claimed he was "clean before the law."

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