Results: the majority of Israeli Jews support the apartheid regime in Israel

Right-wing demonstrator during protests in 2009 holds a banner reading "The Land of Israel for the People of Israel"

Bo? Most of the Jewish public in Israel supports the establishment of the country's apartheid regime in the event of a formal annexation of the West Bank.

These opinion polls also show that most Jews positively related to discrimination against Arabs who are citizens of the country.

A study conducted by Dialog on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, demonstrates that the majority of Israeli Jews professed anti-Arab, ultra-nationalist views. The survey was commissioned by Foundation. Yizraely Goldblum and based on a sample of 503 respondents.

The questions were a group of activists of the academic movement for peace and civil rights. Dialog is the head professor at Tel Aviv University Camille Fuchs.

Bo? Most of the Jewish community, 59 percent, wants preference for Jews to Arabs in employment in government ministries. Almost half of the Jews, 49 percent, wants the state belonged to the Jewish citizens better than the Arab, 42 percent do not want to live in the same building with Arabs and 42 percent against the fact that their children were in the same class with Arab children.

The third part of the Jewish community wants the legislation, the exclusive Israeli Arabs from voting for the Knesset, and a large majority at the rate of 69 per cent opposed to granting voting rights to Palestinians if Israel would annex the West Bank.

A significant 74-percent majority in favor of separate roads for Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank. A quarter (24 per cent) believe that separate roads are "normal," while 50 percent — "a forced situation."

Nearly half — 47 percent — want the Arab population of Israel has been moved to the Palestinian Authority, while 36 percent support the translation of some Arab towns in Israel to the Palestinian Authority in exchange for keeping some settlements in the West Bank.

Although these areas were not annexed to Israel, bo? Most of the Jewish community (58 percent) have already agreed with the statement that Israel is practicing apartheid against Arabs. Only 31 percent said that such a system does not operate in the country. Over a third (38 percent) of the Jewish community wants Israel annexed the territory, together with the settlements, while 48 percent opposed it.

The research results will vary depending on the groups within Israeli society — secular Jews who observe the rituals, the faithful, the ultra-Orthodox believers and the former Soviet immigrants. Ultra-Orthodox Judaism, in contrast to those who described themselves as believers or observing the rituals take on the Palestinians the most extreme positions. The vast majority (83 percent) approve of the haredi separate roads, and 71 percent — a transfer of Arabs.

Ultra-Orthodox Judaism also are the most anti-Arab-minded group — 70 per cent of whom support the legislative exclusion of Israeli Arabs from voting, 82 percent support the preference of the state of the Jews, and 95 percent positive look at the discrimination of Arabs in employment.

The group, whose members considered themselves believers, is the second dislikes the Arabs. New immigrants from the former Soviet republics in their views on the Palestinians closer to a secular group and far less radical than the group of believers and the Haredim. However, the number of people who answered "do not know" in the "Russian" community was higher than in any other.

Among the most celebrated Russian high level of satisfaction with life in Israel (77 percent), and among non-believers — only 63 percent. The average life of the country's 69 percent of Israelis are satisfied.

Israelis who hold secular views, showing a minimum of racism — 68 percent of them would not mind having Arab neighbors in their apartment buildings, 73 percent would not mind Arab students in the same class with their children, while 50 percent believe that the Arabs should not be exposed discrimination when applying for a job.

Results of the study show that one third to one half of Israeli Jews want to live in the state, conducting a formal, open discrimination against its Arab citizens. Even more respectable majority wants to live in a state of apartheid in Israel's annexation of the [occupied] territories.

Individuals who conducted the study, said that the meaning of the term "apartheid", may not have been entirely clear to some respondents. At the same time, on the part of the respondents had no strong objection to the word "apartheid" in describing the characteristics of an Israel now, without annexing the territories. Only 31 percent disagreed with the statement "apartheid state" in relation to Israel and said that "there is no apartheid in general."

In contrast to that 39 percent believe that apartheid is practiced "in some areas", and 19 percent believe that "apartheid is the case in many areas," and 11 percent were undecided

"Russian," as they are called in the study demonstrated the strongest opposition to the allocation of their country to a state of apartheid. A third of them — 35 percent — say that Israel does not exercise at all no apartheid — compared with 28 percent in the secular and ultra-Orthodox group, 27 percent and 20 percent of believers observing the rituals of the Jews that support the same view. At the same time, 58 percent of all groups believe that Israel is practicing apartheid "in some areas" or "many areas" and 11 percent were undecided

At the end of the interviewees were asked whether "a famous American writer, who is boycotting Israel, claiming that he is practicing apartheid", to be subjected to a boycott or invited to Israel. Nearly half (48 percent) said they should invite her to Israel, 28 percent offered no response and only 15 percent called for its boycott.

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