Rock-Cola: the touchstone of dialogue?

Its decision regarding the festival "Rock-Cola" Polotsk authorities have identified further as follows: "Mark unsatisfactory preparation festival Belarusian musician October 26-27 and considers it inexpedient to hold the festival" Rock-Cola "because it does not correspond to the historical, spiritual heritage of the town of Polotsk and Orthodoxy . "
For seventeen years the festival has gathered first in Novopolotsk, and the last Three years — Polotsk 10s companies from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Presently exist in the country’s oldest rock festival can the brakes.
But, after a meeting in Presidential Administration, ban the festival starts already look like some misunderstandings. Difficult to judge, managed to reach Polotsk information about this meeting. By As the last, Chief organizer of "Rock-Cola" Sergei "Anis" Onishchenko nothing about it heard, although of his words and should he offended the above formulation:
"No disk imaging, I know nothing about any reaction. I do not know, do not know yet. I only have on hand such here … I shkozhu Orthodoxy "
Website "hits Tuzin" binds the government’s decision that in Polotsk immediately after the last festival was a change control addelu local KGB, and what exactly he initiated the decision to ban.
One of the participants of "Rock-Cola", the lead singer of "Indiga" Rusya not hide his surprise this step Polotsk authorities:
"I did not see anything there such anti-Russian or anti-Orthodox. Contrary, everything is so quiet, svetlenka and I think, that the festival "Rock-Cola" — is one of these very sincere feelings for, bright and unblemished. I did not know that these were specifically formal prerequisites to ban the festival. Even something as amazing. And what about when authorities offer in return? Because take it just bad. The latest "Rock-coronation" beheld all, "Basowiszcza" — far away, and so was "Rock-Cola." Now and "Rock-Cola" no. I feel sorry for … "
Midst of a vast number of times very sensual expressions about the "summit" can meet and is: time will tell how Belarusian authorities to improve the situation really interested in rock music. In This is the meaninge by banning "Rock-Cola" may be real touchstone. If the dialogue really began, not imitated, Polotsk power will be required to Own a ban cancel. Agree and Rusya:
"You have to wait slightly, and we’ll see, will respond to this meeting Polotsk authorities or not."
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