Rosobornzakaz cancels the application for purchase Glock pistols

Turns Rosoboronzakaz administrative proceedings when purchasing guns for the Austrian Ministry of Defence and the Federal Agency cancels a request for the supply of arms, military equipment and special material means (Rosoboronpostavka), reports the press service of the Ministry
Rosooboronzakaz summed up the examination of the application, the order of the Federal Agency for the supply of weapons, military and special equipment and funds to purchase real Glock pistols for the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense. Order was located on 8 October on the official portal of public procurement Networking Web.

Interested in a wide range of public procurement expensive Rosoboronpostavki Alexei Navalny, who has published in his own LJ post on the basis of anti-corruption activist fund investigation «Painting» Andrew Mischenkova, according to which the Ministry of Defence is preparing to acquire pistols Glock-17 and Glosk-26 to 210 and 191 thousand rubles apiece. At the same time, according to Navalny price recommended by the manufacturer was 599 dollars (about 19 thousand rubles), and with all the likely device — can not exceed 51 thousand rubles. Based on these data, Navalny asked Rogozin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to investigate.

Navalny responded to the post of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, the Russian government, saying that about the state order is already checked.

Test revealed that the municipal customer in the face Rosooboronpostavki unreasonably inflated proposed initial (highest) value of the contract. Other law enforcement agencies purchase these models practically four pistols dispense cheaper.

Federal Service for Defense Contracts invalidate such trades in connection with natural overstatement initial (maximum) contract price.

This application was put on the official portal of public procurement on the basis of special Rosoboronpostavki list approved by the Defense Ministry for special purpose entities.

Cost of handguns was defined state client on the basis of proposals from a number of commercial organizations where the cost of guns was listed in the complete set. But coming in, the application Rosoboronpostavki offered for sale on the official portal of public procurement of the required configuration was expelled a number of nominations, namely, silencer and additional trunk, and the cost was not adjusted. But with all this, on Rosoboronzakaz views, offer merchants handguns fully loaded also significantly exceed the cost of the manufacturer.

Decision to initiate administrative cases and impose fines in respect of the responsible official who has committed multiple overcharge for purchased instrument, whereby the municipal budget of the Russian Federation could be harmed.

Rosoboronzakaz also sent to the address of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation NEWSLETTER its findings and offer an internal investigation on groundless overstating the initial (maximum) contract price and to take disciplinary action guilty disposition.

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