Russian Air Force gunship APPEAR NEW GENERATION

Russian Air Force gunship APPEAR NEW GENERATION

In the Russian Air Force will attack last generation. Such planes are needed for aerial bombardment of ground vehicles, infantry and other objects of the enemy. For the base will take Russian Su-25, he liked the military more than a new Russian-Italian Yak-130, which was very small.

As told «Izvestia» in Command of the Air Force, the final results of the competition to design and build a new ground-attack aircraft Defense Ministry will announce on February 17.

— Main Command of the Air Force chose between him and the Yak-131, upgrading the training of the Yak-130, the ultimate modern version of an old beat Russian development — said «Izvestia».

The contest was announced in 2011. Air Force formed a tactical and technical requirements (TTP) to the aircraft first of 2012, and in May the «Dry» and «Yakovlev» provided documentation on the role of competition. According to the requirements, attack must act in every day round weather, equipped with radar and precision instrument and, in the end, be heavily armored and a single. According to these characteristics, lightweight double Yak-131 military has not approached.

The next requirement is the Air Force — readiness for flight tests by mid-2014, because you plan to run the latest in a series of car no later than 2020. On assurances representative military-industrial complex, profound modernization of the Su-25 makes it virtually a new aircraft.

For the base, he said, taken combat training version of the Su-25UB. Co-pilot take the fuel tank so that the combat radius will increase from 300 to 1 thousand km. One hundred percent swap nose and cabin, which will be sealed. Su-25UB 5 thousand meters above does not fly, and hopefully be able to attack rise by 10-11 thousand full take-off weight — 14.5 t, load capacity — up to 6 tons

Instead of an old sighting system «Maple» is new under the symbol SALT 25 (optical system, laser, thermal). As is clear from abbreviations complex connects voedinyzhdy laser rangefinder and a television camera of high resolution, combined with the thermal imager.

— First aviators prescribed in TTZ equipment night vision goggles and helmet-mounted pointer. You see, American pilots such optical devices on the eye, so that he could fix the seat of one’s eye target. But in the course of their work rejected because SALT-25 allows the pilot to do without special tools on the eye — said a source in the defense industry.

Developers plan to equip the aircraft with radar-active phased array, although no specifications such Fri. Sighting system with radar will give the opportunity to attack aircraft in one approach guaranteed to kill more than 4 goals, put their trust in the defense industry. The main complex is the caliber of its supersonic anti-tank guided missiles «Whirlwind».

Ensure the highest aircraft maneuverability with full ammo (be able to withstand the overload 5G, in other words close to critical for humans), survivability, simplicity and reliability of the equipment.

— Why do we want to specifically active-phased array radar? Since it is more reliable antenna is operated at shutdown of individual modules. And try to clear all the modules! Another promising attack is easy to use and manage. For example, modern fighter-bomber cook 5 hours on a single sortie. Where it suits? Our much simpler — says representative defense.

His collaborator of the military aviation industry says that designers have already come to the limit of capacity on the basis of beliefs materials, aerodynamics, strength.

— Doing something fundamentally new is very durable. And if you change only the equipment outright win in quality and time. What difference will fly the plane to 1 thousand km or 1.05 thousand km? But we get new properties, the plane will be able to work on multiple targets in one go using one volley of missiles 4-6, — he said, «Izvestia».

Independent expert on military aviation Anton Lavrov believes that the Ministry of Defence as ever pays attention battlefield aircraft.

— High-precision weapons significantly increases survival gunship in modern conflicts. Provided by the project scope of the Su-25UB configurations makes it impractical to modernize today’s combat aircraft, of which the youngest of more than 25 years — said the expert «Izvestia».

Lavrov expressed doubts soon serial production of the new gunship and imagined that he would be «protracted».

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