Russian fascists promote new movement Barkashov

In the department of ideological work of Mogilev city executive committee pasted leaflets on campus do not know:
"We are struggling with this. These are our guys, you know, there is such an organization," Bison ", they have fooled. They can be fooled so as not to expose themselves," — said Head of Alla Sushkova.
A year earlier, when such leaflets appeared in Mogilev last time after complaining of the local branch of the Company Belarusian language Department ideological work led smetsyarov look around their area and tore promotional materials RNE.
Then Mogilev defenders appealed to the State Security Committee Republic of Belarus and the KGB of the Mogilev region, so they showed persons involved putting:
"As for the right, and State Security Committee in the dissemination of disk imaging, which calls for incitement to hatred and state which offends the dignity of Belarusians do not react. From this we can only conclude that the state security organs themselves and contribute to the activities of bureaucrats fascist organizations areas of Belarus, "- said" Freedom "Director of Mogilev human rights center Vladimir Kravchenko.

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