Russian Foreign Ministry: EU high-handed slap in the face

Konstantin Dolgov

6 December in Brussels envoy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Konstantin Dolgov has assessed the current situation in the European Union's human rights. Last Wednesday, a report has already been heard in the walls of the Russian Foreign Ministry and after some amendments and additions sent to Europe.

Konstantin Dolgov offers our European "partners" to distract from its own activity in terms of anti-democratic hanging labels and look at ourselves from the outside. Special Representative of Russia provides European officials this possibility directly in the courtroom.

To do this in his report, he touches a series of problems that hurt hit by the EU itself, to inflame the search for a "universal evil" outside their territorial entity. In this Dolgov recalls that people in the EU, which are designed to monitor the observance of human rights, have no authority on this within the European Union itself. In other words, Mr. Lambrinidis, which is intended to be responsible for democratic norms on behalf of the EU, it can be done anywhere in the world, but not in the 27 countries of the European Union, because it does not have a mandate … That's rights activist If you try to move … so strange European precedent to the Russian soil, it turns out that our human rights ombudsman Vladimir Lukin has to monitor compliance with human rights anywhere, but not in Russia. Absurd? You say absurd! And in Europe, say, if Lukin and Russia — is absurd, and if Lambrinidis and the EU — democracy. But if democracy, what then, I'm sorry, hell did this Lambrinidis does not follow the violation of the rights of demonstrators in the same Greek, defend family values in the Netherlands, does not takes care of the national minorities in Romania.

Konstantin Dolgov The report contains a sharp critique of the methods used to administer justice in Europe. For example, the UK just recently announced that it intends to conduct a "differentiation" of justice by pursuing a law on "Litigation and security." This will allow the British courts in camera to deal with cases concerning suspected of extremism and terrorism. In this case, all the material in such cases may be classified even for the lawyers of the accused … It turns out that the judiciary takes over all the power of the accused, and allow themselves to do justice with little or no participation of the defense: there is a charge, there are some secret documents — means verdict clear "guilty." Accordingly, the word "court" here it is possible to transform the word "tribunal", because the lawyers here will execute unless the role of extras.

It is obvious that such a system of justice is a lot like the American example in which people were sent to special prison without any trial. The exact number of bred in the EU (and other EU) special CIA prisons is still no accurate data. There is information that does not disdain to open at these dubious "correctional" institutions such countries as Romania, Poland, Lithuania. This is speaking about the European Union, and in fact there are Qatar, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Morocco and other countries where the CIA used and, according to some, continues to use the special prison and detention centers. Konstantin Dolgov reminded the Europeans, and this, not forgetting to mention that in the above mentioned facilities were used the most brutal torture, and all the activities of the staff has been directed exclusively to the humiliation of human dignity — a full Naplevatelstvo to the presumption of innocence.

One of the secret prisons of the Central Intelligence Agency was located just 20 km from the Lithuanian capital — in a small village Antavilyay. Information about the prison confirmed by one of the former CIA officers told reporters ABC. After that, even some Lithuanian officials had to disclose the card and try to calm the situation with the presence of such a "democratic" object.

In 2004, the building owned by the equestrian club was purchased by Elite, registration of which, notably, held in the United States. Following the acquisition of the complex have been placed here, at least 8 people who were accused of having links with the terrorist world. People spent more than a year in prison without any legal procedures and registration of the documentary base. When, in 2005 at the existence of special prison was raised hype, the object was closed and the prisoners secretly taken to other similar objects. There is speculation that far — in the direction of Poland. Lithuanian officials have tried every possible way to refute the information of ABC, but have not been able to explain why in the period 2004-2005, the number of U.S. special plane to Lithuania increased to the maximum values.

It turns out that while Mr Lambrinidis and other "competent" masters in the EU are set to dig up more dirt on the authorities "disloyal" states in the European Union before our eyes appear laws (for example — UK), which generally have nothing to do with democratic norms.

Konstantin Dolgov reveals Europeans eyes to the fact that the EU violated the rights of national minorities, people of faith, ride roughshod over family values (the ban on natural sexual differentiation in different European countries all have already heard). When there are documented restrictions on the installation of Christmas trees or bombard balls with paint Christian churches, the European officials should pay attention to the facts and not try to seek out the mote in another's eye. After all, today the European bureaucracy, in fact, signs of helplessness in tackling the problem of inter-religious and inter-ethnic conflicts. Instead of searching for ways to solve them, EU officials only translate citizens' attention to the problems of other countries, including Russia and.

But it seems that the monopoly on information attacks from the West towards the East gradually disappears. There are new forces, including the Russian Foreign Ministry, which may present a note-democratizers, confident in their idealism, a surprise in the form of light of those events, which in Europe are trying to push into the background.

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