Russian policy — on the results of parliamentary elections

Many Russian public figures associate the current situation in Russia with the trends during the election campaign in Belarus.
L. Alekseeva: "Party for the election determined by the Kremlin"
Chairman of the Metropolitan Helsinki Group Lyudmila Alekseeva focuses on the fact that This year the first time the polls were not allowed beyond the control of observers:
"Very similar situation. Only Belarus ahead of Europe all, and we have time for it. A very similar — to the same as we knew from the beginning the results of these elections.
Capital Helsinki Group, which I lead, by 1999 followed all the choices. On This time we did not have such ability. After previously amended, abolished-independent observers.
Could be an observer only those parties that participated in the elections. And which party will participate in the elections — it is determined in the Kremlin. And since we are not the party organization, we do not want to collude with even close to us in spirit, like, say, "Yabloko" and SPS. First, since we are used not to impale, and operate under its naming. "
Ryzhkov: "Democrats still filter Veshnjakov"
State Duma deputy Vladimir Ryzhkov 4 convocation continuing views Lyudmila Alekseeva, says about a particular passage Russian Central Election Commission under executive control. With all of this today head Vladimir Churov, according to Mr. Ryzhkov, mechanically makes the rules laid down in the legislation of his predecessor Alexander Veshnyakov.
"Specifically in Veshnyakov eliminated single-member constituencies — recalls Vladimir Ryzhkov. — When it passable barrier to parties was raised to 7%. Again the same with him in the electoral legislation was introduced a huge number of rules that allow you to shoot opposition candidates and opposition parties with a role in elections. Under him, and he personally about this report in the Duma, was adopted Law "On Political Parties", which has permitted to prohibit or kill three quarters of Russian political parties. "
K. Baravoy: "Elections, of course, rigged"
Veteran Russian political scene Konstantin Borovoy portends RF final folding democratic process that began in the era of Boris Yeltsin
"I believe it is, of course, rigged elections. Authority led just those values that are required to get the total benefit to the State Duma. It’s not even much of a constitutional, and most absolute. It is clear that the purpose of all this — to make the situation in the country managed. And that is precisely what they have gained. In other words, all was manufactured because planned.
In this sense, our homeland and increasingly more similar to Belarus and takes with it are not the best examples. A it means, that creates a situation frisky, maybe not even the democratic collapse of the overall situation. "
Kasparov: "Our homeland de facto headed for totalitarianism"
Favourite political coalition "Other Our homeland" Garry Kasparov for attempting to challenge the transparency of parliamentary elections in Russia received 5 days of administrative arrest. He hesitates, that the authorities could not allow the existence of a constructive opposition in the Duma. Hence tongued voting results:
"The only rule that exists in our game with the Kremlin — is that the Kremlin is changing the rules when it is profitable. The power, which de facto has headed for construction dictatorship fears at least some organized protest. Indeed perfectly understands: specifically that even if a small protest group can mobilize people, when they are ready to come out. And this fear of power.
Because now the brunt of government accounts for core constructive opposition on "Another Russian Federation." It is very important to note that ATP, eventually rejecting this mantra salidnastsi joined us in Moscow and St. Petersburg. And it is very important step forward which revealed: "Marches of Dissent" dramatically expanded their political geography. "
M. CHARVAK: "Tomorrow there will be comments — there’s all said"
Managing Information Management party "United Our homeland" Misha CHARVAK in an interview with Radio Liberty said that the assessment charges from foreign and domestic opponents of "United Russian Federation" will be given in the most recent:
"You know, I do not take responsibility themselves to declare on behalf of the party. Would I sent you with pleasure to our party website Lately, there appears a reaction to the assessment of elections, which gave the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and other international organization. As for our opponents within the country, then tomorrow will commentary our authorized persons — there’s all said. "
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