Russian self-propelled gun of the XXI century «Coalition-SV» will be the best in the world

Russian self-propelled gun of the XXI century
We have already mentioned that in his time, beginning work on their own self-propelled howitzer «Crusader», the Americans threatened to a revolution in artillery. But broadly publicized the project was shelved. And now, it seems, design updates in this area will come from our country. Specifically Russian SAU «Coalition-SV» will be the trendsetter for decades. This was about guns and artillery in general «Herald of Mordovia» disputing with the leading Russian professionals in the industry ground weapons, the main editor of the magazine «Arsenal Fatherland» Victor Murakhovski.

— Viktor Ivanovich, presently in force enters 2S19M2. Your outlook on this ACS?

— ACS excellent, due to the automatic system guidance and fire control (AGFCS) one hundred percent realized its potential technical ability. But we need to do the latest ACS, because in the former assembly has fundamentally flaws, reducing the efficiency criteria in combat.

— You mean «Coalition»? And how it will differ from «Msta»? That it fundamentally new?
— Fundamentally — uninhabited BO, automatic loading, automatic guidance.

— Some associate «Coalition» with the South American «Crusader», in truth, they are very similar? Many similarities in the concept?
— The concept is similar, the implementation is different. We made some things differently and more efficiently.

— At the time, wrote about the development we have shells with guidance on GLONASS, how do you think went out and brought his place whether such weapons in our artillery?

— Certainly. We practiced (pass the tests) are different types of ammunition, corrections and guidance systems. Including — standalone module corrections satellite guidance, mounted on the head instead of ordinary ammunition fuze combined unit plus satellite radioballistichesky, ammunition homing fingerprinting goals, etc.
— And as fundamentally modern criteria firing range?
— The firing range — not an end in itself. Essentially have a range of real fire, sufficient to solve problems in all types of combat. Artillery brigade-level — it is 25-30 km. In other words, taking into account the removal of firing positions from the front edge, SAU should shoot for 40-45 km.

— What do you think about wheeled version of the «coalition» that is — a fad or a necessity?

— Wheel is the preferred option for some regions — with well-developed road network, or with the terrain available. For example, in the Central Asian strategic direction.
— Viktor Ivanovich, we have many more armed towed guns, it appears that they need to replace the self-propelled?
— Not everywhere. In languid and medium brigades SAU need a specialized brigades (mountain, air assault, reconnaissance, etc.) are more comfortable towed guns.

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