Russian travel agency has announced a boycott of Turkey in connection with the interception of aircraft from Moscow to Damascus

Russian travel agency Grand Travel Group suspended the sale of tours to Turkey and the United States as a sign of protest against the landing of the plane flight from Moscow to Damascus to Ankara on October 11. The company shut off on its website search and booking tours in the direction of Turkey and the United States.

As previously learned Russian embassy in Ankara has demanded from the Turkish authorities to provide access to Russian citizens. At the airport were sent consular officials and a doctor. However, according to representatives of the firms, the Turkish authorities without explanation and in violation of the bilateral consular convention refused to diplomats in a meeting with the Russians. Passenger plane for 8 hours was not allowed into the airport, occasionally allowing them to go down onto the tarmac. No food was provided. The Russian side has not received information about the cargo seized by the Turkish side, the causes, circumstances and details of the incident, said "Rosbalt".

The company also encouraged to follow the example of all Russian travel agencies and online resources that sell tours to Turkey and the United States, and Russia called on citizens to avoid traveling to that country and purchases of Turkish goods and products. "While not get a clear explanation of what happened and apologized, we have imposed a kind of embargo on the sale of tours to Turkey in our company," — said General Director of Grand Travel Group Alex Sumenkov.

Recall aircraft "Syrian Airlines", the next flight from Moscow to Damascus, October 10 fighters was forced to land in Ankara, the Turkish Air Force. The Turkish side said that the board was illegal freight. Subsequently, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the aircraft was radar equipment which is not prohibited by the load.


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