Russian World of Ukraine: Overcoming Eurocentrism.

Our minds are deeply struck by Eurocentrism. It's such a worldview model that considers the Western European civilization as a universal and only acceptable for all mankind. Without overcoming a Eurocentrism that does not heal from this serious illness, we can not count on a full-fledged revival of the Russian Eurasian civilization, for revival always begins with the spirit, c spiritual side. In this article I will try to uncover the roots of Eurocentrism in our minds — that is where he grows all the time draws its supporters. For this it is necessary to thoroughly understand the essence of Western culture.

What is it based on? According to Spengler, the basis of any culture is the soul as a kind of idea, to be performed. The basis of European culture Spengler takes, in my opinion, amazing accuracy and symbolism metaphor — Faustian soul. It seeks to overcome all the obstacles that tends to infinity, to his goal — to understand the laws of the universe, to subdue them act constituting the whole point of Western life, and to establish their dominance over nature and people. The great Goethe puts it in the mouth of Faust, who appeared accessing the Spirit:

"You are a world wide hug:
On the activity of the spirit, as I close to you! "
On the Spirit answered him:
"You just close the one you comprehend —
Not to me. "

In the words of the Spirit — deeply heartfelt Goethe's tragic fate of Western man who commits a deal with Mephistopheles, though she could not make it because of predetermination of the western world perception of depth.

Spengler also wrote: "Western science occupy a very special place, a characteristic for this culture. From the very beginning were not theology, and the will to power through technology … Need to understand the astonishing fact that the desire for immediate use in practical terms, any knowledge is not inherent to any person other than the Faustian. " The famous example of all — gunpowder, invented by the Chinese long before the Europeans and used them for the fireworks. As soon as he got into the hands of Europeans, then immediately been consumed for the destruction of their own kind.

Thus, the technique and the pursuit of technological enslavement of nature are an integral feature of European culture and attribute — the seed from which it sprouted. For the same reason in the XVII century in Europe there is the idea of progress, when later European culture, feel the breath of autumn came forth fruits of the invention and improvement of the technology of historical fact turns in value. I repeat: it transforms into a value! Not to be confused with the denial of technology in general. As you know, all cultures use the tools, but that technological progress in the West becomes the new religion.

Since the definition of progress in all encyclopedias very vague, I will give its definition. Progress — Western European worldview is a model in which the invention and use of increasingly sophisticated hardware is considered a special case of the general law of nature (climbing from "lower" to "higher") and on this basis is transferred as an explanatory start on the rest. Progress is both the form and the purpose and meaning of human existence.

I come now to the main point. It is essential that the idea of progress arose in Europe. All traditional societies have always considered cyclical the time. European culture, which expresses the Faustian desire to infinity, the first time deprived the cyclicity and introduced linear time ("infinite progress"). But since all cultures to varying degrees of necessity use technical tools, the advance of the West in the "technical progress" went to his head and gave rise to the idea of his superiority over the rest of the world, which from that time and is still regarded them as "uncivilized "," backward "," wild "to be a full-ne reustroystvu according to Western ideas.

This paradigm is called Eurocentrism and how brilliantly showed NS Troubetzkoy, in his book "Europe and humanity", reflects the European cosmopolitanism and European chauvinism, which are one and the same phenomenon — the West's belief in complete and absolute superiority over all other nations.

Based on the technical superiority of Eurocentrism, there are several kinds of racism (give two of them):

1. Technological racism — the recognition of peoples, technically "backward" from the West, backward and inferior.

2. Civilizational racism — the recognition of people who do not share Western values, backward and inferior. In both cases, it is believed that these people have not yet come to Western values and has not yet reached the level of Western technology.

The word "backward" I deliberately take in quotation marks, as here is meant as a sample in relation to the West and it covers other nations. For example, with respect to this situation can be considered as lagging behind the West from the Islamic world in religiosity. Why the West is an opinion not satisfied, it is clear: here as a frame of reference adopted by the Islamic world.

It is easy to see that over all this dominates the West's recognition of itself as a universal criterion for all peoples and Western values — universal. Aggressiveness of this view is well expressed in such absurd and ridiculous notions such as "universal European values", "Western European humanity", the "European world order." If you make an effort to see them, you can see that they are all around us.

Considering the Eurocentric paradigm that we are dealing with a kind of axiomatic where the basic axiom — the existence of a single civilization (which is west), the existence of a single system of values (Western) and the universality of the development path along which the West. Based on this, other nations, lagging in the opinion of the West, from himself, they are perceived as "non-European nedochelovechestvo" (AG Dugin). West recognizes other people just as much as they like him. Hence — the idea of the inferiority of the peoples who have not yet come to the "European values." It is easy to see that here, Eurocentrism tacitly understood as something universal. This view pervades the entire European science since the time of its occurrence, namely the model of ascent from the "lower" forms to the "highest", which are considered the highest form of Western.

Recall that under the banner of progress and "initiation to civilization" occurred the destruction of indigenous peoples of the West all over the world. According to the West itself, for their own good. Thus, Eurocentrism offers all of us to live in the reference frame is rigidly tied to the West. It is important to understand that until the end. As a means of binding the West is tehnotsentrizm, ie view of the world as a complex technical system, in which the technique and technology are paramount.

That is why modern Western civilization has positioned "advancement" of their culture especially with the help of technology, as if demonstrating its "progressive." Technology becomes the argument of cultural dictates. Replacing the concept of the West through modern technology announces "European values" universal and only correct, but those that they do not match — incorrect or, at best, lagging behind "the world's progress." Technical innovations and inventions are the key to a man's heart, which opens the door to his mind Eurocentrism. But by opening the door, close it is very difficult.

Realizing, however, the strangeness of their values to other cultures, the West has to mimic versatility, coming up with "politically correct" words-shifters for the destruction of traditional cultures from within (sodomy called "gay" debauchery — "open relationship", the killing of an unborn child — "Abortion", Amorphous and indifference — "tolerance", etc.).

Eurocentrism, if you look closely, plays a huge role in the destruction of our identity. In fact, today it is used in Europe, largely as an offensive weapon. For example, "human rights activists" are crying out to Europe for help to break with the "totalitarian past." This term is as aggressive as it is amorphous. It can be applied to any country, but to us it is applied with a clear purpose — to inspire the people of the inferiority complex to the West, to make believe that we have nothing to be proud that our entire history is flawed and has no right to exist because of their "backwardness." And here the technological argument as the ace up his sleeve, which always gets the right time. We like to say: look, what their iPhones, you have none, then you need the West.

Especially common in charge of the Russian people "aziatchi-not" (not only Russians, but also Ukrainians, true all-Russian roots). This word is very clearly demonstrates the Eurocentric orientation of the all that is not Europe — awful. We like to say you do not want to be "Asian barbarians" — then go to Europe. (Although now more Europe deserves use of the term "evropeyschina", given the corruption and decay that prevail in the "civilized countries").

The fact that European values are imposed specifically against Russia (certainly not the only, but in this case I'm talking about us) very eloquently and clearly demonstrates the fact that the division of Europe citizens of Ukraine to the "progressive" (ie, European-oriented) and "backward "(true of our all-Russian identity and unity of the Russian). First announced by the West as champions of "freedom and democracy", the second — as accomplices "Russian imperial ambitions."

We are forced to look at yourself through the eyes of someone else — the eyes of the Europeans, who consider anyone but themselves barbarians. It is no wonder that our European-educated intellectuals have always hated people. Carriers as aggressively pro-Western liberals are. FM Dostoevsky said of them very precisely: "One of the characteristic features of Russian liberalism — is a terrible contempt for the people."

No wonder Stalin specifically warned: "If we take our average intellectuals, scientific intellectuals, professors, doctors … they have undue reverence for the foreign culture. Everyone feels more minors are not wholly-owned, used to consider myself in the position of eternal students. It is a tradition backward, she goes to Peter. " That is why Stalin and directed all the lies of liberal propaganda, because our great leader knew and with whom and with which to deal.

What we offer today? The quest for the "European level" throughout. I draw attention to this startling fact that no one is conceptualized: we are called not to high the level of production or a good education, and to European. This is a fundamental difference: the official ideology becomes imitation Europe.

The most dangerous thing that brings Eurocentrism plebeian psychology: Western-oriented individuals, having absorbed the ideology, do not know any history or culture of the people, but, knowing nothing of this, and despise him fully convinced in his "progressive" and "civilized" , crouching in front of the West and baring his Holuiskya essence. I call it evroholuystvom. Here it is — the end result admiration of Europe, the notorious "European technologies" and their "standard of living".

From the foregoing, of course, does not mean that we should forget about the technical development. On the contrary, in the industry, we need more than ever a technological breakthrough. But we must remember that the worship of a stranger that question does not solve, and worse.

We need to realize the localization of European civilization, its strangeness us to overcome the worship of the West in the form of its technology by removing most of these technologies from the "packaged" in them evropotsentricheskogo promise, to categorically say no crashing "European values", the dying along with its speakers, and seek to their roots and origins. Only in our culture, and not someone else's, you can find support and faith. Without this, all the slogans about our revival remain empty words. For to revive the country, it is necessary to revive the dignity. In this case, use other people's technology can and should be, but in any case not to allow technology (and this is just tools) in the category of ideas. For the Eurocentric, based on the technological superiority of the West is fundamentally a racist idea. Therefore, it must be grasped and thrown to the side. This is the first condition of spiritual liberation from the dictates of the western and the formation of a real, revival.

I will conclude with the words of the greatest of poets, who suffered a badly shoots of what today is called "European integration" and "communion to civilization." The word AS Pushkin: "Europe against Russia has always been as ignorant as not grateful. Europe meanwhile embittered attacks on Russia, not with weapons, but the daily frenzied slander … we were stunned to see democracy in its disgusting cynicism in her cruel prejudices, in her intolerable tyranny. All noble, selfless, all uplifting human soul — suppressed relentless selfishness and passion for contentment. "

As a warning to His words: "Proud of the glory of their ancestors is not only possible, but necessary, do not respect thereof is shameful cowardice. Personally, I sincerely attached to the Emperor, I am not admire all that I see around me. As a writer — annoy me, as a person with prejudice — I'm offended — but upon my honor, that for anything in the world I would not want to change the Fatherland, or have a different history than the history of our ancestors, such as God gave it to us. "

Evgeny Chernyshev (Donetsk)

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