Russians expect the Duma elections with cynicism and hope

According to surveys our radio, the number of those who do not believe in the democratic nature parliamentary elections, is two-thirds. With all this every one fifth do not believe that the election results will reflect the true desire of voters.
Almost half of the respondents believe that President Putin and the Kremlin administration one way or another to determine how many seats they either take other political forces in the Russian Duma.
In an interview with Radio Liberty analyst Euro Institute in St. Petersburg, Vladimir Gelman, followed by comments on the situation as follows:
"All this can be compared to a football match, when previously known outcome of the game when the referee quite side previously declared the winning team. In turn the fans is not very interesting to watch the game, and even more so maintain that or any other the team. "
Lev Gudkov, director of the Moscow-based Levada Center, which is also participated making inquiries of Liberty, expressed such a world: voters expect that eventually cumbersome rigging convincing win out "United Our homeland".
According to Gudkov, all the research shows a strong divergence meanwhile ‘As follows, "" at people rely "the fact that they behold the actually.
How to poll, almost 40% of the possible voters indicated that they belong to elections as debt and not entirely convinced that their role will change in the voting provision will elect addition or other candidate. Also, many voters have nostalgia for Western-style democracy, but more voters repeated rhetoric elite affair so if you do not support the word democracy.
Poll Results

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