Ryazanov — the majestic project of the Belarusian culture

His poems have been translated over 10 languages of the world, his poem by the German composer wrote the oratorio and Shvedki Institute nominated him for the Nobel Prize. Created about 2-10-s books, Laureate of the State Prize of Kupala (1990) in recent years do not need at home and have to live abroad.
But literary Anna Kislitsyna, which is defended by creativity Ales Ryazanov Ph.D. thesis, believes that the high point of the poet at home still ahead.

When done with the word servant, he wrote in eternity filyazafemy

"Ryazanov — a real Renaissance man, for he is not only a poet, and painter, and philosopher. But whatever he was engaged, he was always on his head ahead of his contemporaries. If they sang the order, he was involved in the poetry of net beauty when Renders leaders, he created a mysterious "Yaytsekvadraty" and when done with the word servant, he wrote in eternity filyazafemy.
On my eyes, Ryazanov — the most majestic project of the Belarusian culture. The project is not in the modern sense of the word, which came to be associated with money, and in the primary. I have often said, that the word translated as "throwing forward." So here I think, Ryazanov that — he also abandoned ahead of his time, and living in the moment, do not completely understand the greatness of man, which is next to them.
But I think he still has a long, long way to go if it will come to, reread. He — not only on this day, and the next day and the day after tomorrow. Because I am very pleased that 10 years ago I became involved in his work. Come for me more young researchers Ryazanov and enough space for all of us with him. "

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