S.Skrebtsu not allowed to complain to the UN

"I am obliged to take this step, since all tests to find justice in Belarus do not work" — explained to his last act of parliament.
Skrabets guilty himself does not recognize. He believes that he was convicted for his political opposition activities. And he wants to prove it to the UN.
So clearly and correctly put your complaint to the Company of the United Nations, Sergey Skrabets asked to Supreme Court Belarus permission to meet with his own court case and make multiple copies of it. Specifically Supreme Tribunal the country has sentenced former deputy 2.5 years in prison, accusing him of defrauding loans to the country.
But Supreme Tribunal former deputy sent a written reply: "at the moment the legal grounds for your reference materials criminal case, which is already completed, is not available. Together with the fact It is reported that you can be given copies of the final documents — the verdict and judgment, if you zvernitsesya with a respective request. "
Sergei Skrabets explains what it does not like such a response:
"I need all the materials criminal case. Among them correctly shows that criminal case rigged against me. And of the final documents have not seen. "

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