Saakashvili announced new elections — and not screaming that will shoot to the last bullet

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In the Minsk Palace of the Republic was a founding congress of the public association "Snow White Rus". Pro-government company headed by the Minister of Education Alexander Radkov.
Comment listener:
Man: "At the founding congress of so-called public association" Snow White Rus "its chairman Alexander Radkov without batting an eye, said that the main aim of the organization is made global support Lukashenka and politics, which he conducts.
Spoken of easy to conclude — if currently under Alexander Lukashenko make different kind of association, organization, etc., it is after end of his term Alexander G. is not going out. "
Following calls for the alleged razmyashennya Russian missiles in Belarus "Iskander" and construction of a nuclear power plant, as authorities claim the country.
Man: "Everything the people of Belarus need one voice declare that no accommodation" Iskander ". Chernobyl nuclear power failure we have not yet experienced, second we do not need. "
Man: "What about nuclear power. So, it will work, but soon the time will come when they start to wear out its mechanisms. This will be very huge task. I do not envy the generation that suatyknetstsa with these neuvvyazkami . "
The following calls from the opposition and appeals to authority.
Man: "I share the information. In one beneefovtsev innuendo. Heresy that Lukashenko did nothing. Look, Shushkevich falling apart, and he returned to the factory, factories, roads, steel, railway stations, forecourt, agriculture raised, built a library — such to show Worldwide, that we, Belarusians, we can. "
Man: "That’s privileges removed, but not of all. Officials from rogue will not. And of the people who pay and pension penny … A small price increase without end. Why these people torture? "
Jackiewicz Alexander, Vitebsk: "I want that for you to ask you to assist me turn to our pochetaemomu President Alexander Lukashenko. Pochetaemy Alexander G., I’m sure, by your grace sit without work because the contract was dismissed."
Vitebsk group of people started gathering in the greeting card to the address of Alexander Kozulin days of birth policy November 25. I recall that the last presidential candidate received a 5 and a half years for his role in the bullpen protest.
Call the listener:
Pavel, a veteran, Minsk: "Mr. Alyaksandr, you good and intelligent man in the 52nd day of birth November 25 recall many voters, supporters and all the people who knew you worked under your control or jointly with you.
You boldly uttered the truth that power unceremoniously violates human rights, people fear returns, leads not to the civilized world, and in the darkness of the past. "Freedom to Kazulin!" — Everywhere you hear the voice of a huge number of strong smart people. "
Continuing program from another compliments:
Man: "Pochetaemye Radio Liberty, through your program I wish to congratulate all the inhabitants of Latvia, which at this moment are in the terrain of Belarus, congratulations — days of independence. Want to wish health, prosperity and happiness of this majestic country."
At the end of the reviews on programs from Radio Liberty:
Emperor Grandfather: "Good morning," Freedom. "I listened intently your current gear interview with historian about how BPR sees if she accomplished. And historian who answered this question, referred to the argument that the Belarusians learned Jews to trade.
But he did not say that the Jews are the nation and civilization, too much done since the middle of the Jews from Belarus, strongly conscious and many famous people. "
Lady: "The Emperor Gerasimenko as last member of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus read your radio about trying to impeach the president Lukashenko. And then one hour armies besieged Minsk. And the military and were then in the town — expected, hiding in an enclosed courtyard with a battle instrument, order.
Either would raise a martial weapon on their own people Misha Saakashvili? Look at the face of ethe man. During the crisis, he proclaimed with courage and dignity new presidential election, and did not shout, it will shoot to the last bullet. "

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