Satellite Sich-2 is in commercial operation. The Earth has already given more than 600 pictures

Ukrainian remote sensing satellite "Sich-2", launched in August 2011, has transferred more than 600 images of the surface of the planet, said the head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine (GKAU) Yuri Alexeev.

"The satellite is now in commercial operation," — Alexeyev said at a press conference on Friday. He added that the launch of the satellite can be considered one of the greatest achievements in the space industry of Ukraine in the past year.

According to the agency, based on the information transmitted by the satellite agency specialists have performed the first case set for monitoring forest clearing, track the status of winter crops, disaster monitoring.

According to the head GKAU, to date, "Sich-2" — the only moon in the CIS countries "with good optics: the resolution of 7.8 meters there."

Alekseev also noted that companion of 85% is made by Ukrainian enterprises.

"We only bought optical elements, electromagnetic flywheels in Canada and in Russia we have already purchased a stellar orientation," — said the head of the space agency of Ukraine.

A selection of photographs made by the "Sich-2" is available at the State Space Agency of Ukraine

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