Saved 13 million. Residents of the town repaired the bridge at his own expense

In the city of Kostroma region Sharia business house repaired the bridge, deciding not to wait for when it will take power. And if local officials planned to spend on repairing the bridge 13.5 million rubles, entrepreneurs met the 300 thousand — so work cost up to 45 times cheaper.

In Kostroma region entrepreneurs in the home repaired the bridge over the river Sharinku. Not that the city administration Sharyi refused to repair the bridge — the repair was scheduled for 2013, and the budget going to lay about 13.5 million rubles (one renovation project estimated at approximately 1.3 million rubles). But local businessmen decided not to wait for official events and try to repair a vital bridge on their own.

The initiator of repair was Sergei Zakharov, his company manufactures metal products. Zakharova supported by other local businessmen and even those who do not live in the area. Collected about 300 thousand rubles, in addition, various organizations have helped the materials and appliances. As a result, in the three months from mid-September to December, the bridge was repaired. Who is on it already drive cars.

The head of administration Sharyi Vladimir Klimov presented Sergei Zakharov, a thank you letter. Total repair of the bridge was attended by over 40 people.

"For the" three million "who are asking only with the administration for the project, you can completely make a new bridge.'s Paper to draw, and really build. For little money you can fix a lot of things. There is a will among residents of the city," — Sergey utverzhdet Zakharov.

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