The current budget of "growth" — the largest in the history of the club. Investors and shareholders are jointly sought 500 million rubles. In 2007, when the team was relegated from the Premier League club purse was noticeably thinner — 350 million. In general, Rostov invested in the triumphant return of $ 20 million. With this budget, you can look decent in the Premier League. [Cut] more solid opportunities in Russia have only a "Zenith", the Moscow clubs, "Ruby", "wings", "Saturn". "Tom" laid the charges in the current season figure of 650 million rubles, "Amkar" spring announced a record 21 million for themselves in terms of dollar value. Similar to the amount of Rostov will spend this year, "Ray." Serious budget was achieved through an increase in the number of shareholders and sponsors. "Growth" in addition to the regional administration and the company "Estar" is assisted by three major national industrial holding company. This is the "Russian Coal", in 2006, speaking as a title sponsor, "Transmashholding" and "TMK". All of them are occupied scale business projects in the Rostov region. From the regional budget to the club allocated 130 million rubles, which went to pay fees, meals, travel and infrastructure development. About the same amount was spent on transfers etc, and half of the budget "eaten" the salary, bonuses, power-ups. Apparently, the current budget, "growth" will be confirmed by shareholders of the club in November, and the question of increasing the expenditure side will consider closer to the New Year holidays, the award-winning team behind the success of the first division. [Url =] Next … [/ url]

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