SE: Old Acquaintance — COACH: FOREVER YOUNG Dolmatov

On Tuesday, as reported by "SE", start in the Premier League after a one-year stay in the first division ahead of secured "growth." How he will return to the elite? When Oleg Dolmatov was working alone in first Union League, Sergei Juran was in the graduating class of the school of native Lugansk. When the head coach of "growth" -2008 won with Novorossiysk "Chernomorets" football tournament in the first Russian league, Jurgen Reber and Zoran Vulic themselves still playing football. Experience — a great thing, but it does have a downside. However, in their 60 head coach, "growth" does not appear. He was noticeably younger than past years — and not just in appearance. [Cut] permanent leader of the First Division discovered this year in addition to the ability to seriously spend money on more serious players and the abyss of tactical flexibility. Dolmatov does not live in the world of yesterday's schemes and moribund ideas about football. He prefers not to long ago to keep pace with the times, and ahead of it. "Growth" is on the case called the most rational team of the tournament, but few people noticed that the leader is available for at least three game models. Usually, "growth", as the current leader of the Premier League, "Ruby", was playing without nominal winger, with a trio of central midfielders and two players that support striker, located at the point of attack. But there were other building — a square in the center and havov attacking duo, with one winger, who at a certain time turned into a striker … In short, Dolmatov, assisted by head coach Sergei France, coaches Alexander Maslov, and Alexander Berket goalie brigade chief Ramil VALEEV, as before, he thinks, is seeking to try. In addition, South Russia — the place where the head of "growth" was always happy creative and career. In Sukhumi, Stavropol, Novorossiysk, Krasnodar. The story of the "growth" this observation confirms once again. [Url =] Next … [/ url]

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