SE: Old Acquaintance — COMPOSITION: HUNT Loskova

Absolutely the best in the first division of the composition chosen with taste and an eye to the Premier League. The strongest line — Attack: Hong Yong-Jo, Akimov, Slivich, Gatskan, aspen, Dyadyun Kulchiy, Zuev able to open any defense in the tournament. However, this pleasant for Rostovites fact does not exempt them from having to spend the winter market. Premier League — a fundamentally different level, it "pull" is not all. At least a dozen newcomers will have to buy, it is clear today, because Rostov certainly lose rented Gitselova, Dyadyuna and Kozhanova. Unlikely to remain at the club and Bosnian Akhmetovich — Solid player, confirmed that his double in the game with "Alan", but does not help in a big case. The benefit of the team for a week practicing Mazalov, broke the contract with SKA. Another candidate to gain — forward, "Shinnik" Hazov, whose contract ends in Yaroslavl in winter. [Cut] And here is the fate of a key player, "Rostov" -2008 Kulchiy to some extent depends on the success of negotiations with Loskova. On the Don seriously want to return to the club one of the best playmakers of our fubola, but lose the support team of Belarus midfielder, who is 34 years old holds a brilliant season, do not want to. But fate is crystal clear Kozlov — this wagon for sure come back from the "Urals", which was loaned for six months. On the other players, who left last summer from Rostov to seek happiness in the game other clubs, so to say. It is unlikely that Ehrlich, Getigezhev, D. Ivanov, Kirilenko, Burmistrov, Kireyev Shabayev, Ponomarev get another chance on the banks of the Don. There are doubts in extending cooperation with the Croatian goalkeeper Zivko. However, especially in the off-season "growth" will seek full backs. Today, in this role are the Circassian and starts at the "Zenith" as Astafev forward. St. Petersburg man with injuries or disqualifications substitute Denisov and Mogilev. Selection of implementing modest, even poor. But the experienced Shtaniuk and Zivanovic, who for the sake of "growth" last winter left, "Sampdoria" changers are required. Both played very well in the center of defense, and insure them are the same — Denisov, sometimes Mogilev. In theory, the defense can play Zuev. [Url =] Next … [/ url]

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