Secular news Holland: boobs, boobs, boobs

De Telegraaf — the largest daily newspaper Netherlands. With a circulation of 750,000 copies. The newspaper is published throughout the country seven days a week, goes to retail in most countries of the world. In particular, it contains the following headings: "Politics", "World", "Sport" and the daily section devoted to finance «De Financiele Telegraaf». Home newspaper located in Amsterdam. The headlines of the newspaper for only 5 days:


Liza Sips willingly Shows

Christina Aguilera happy to walk without panties


Heidi Klum flaunts breast

Nicole Kidman refused to real sex on set


Roxanne Hazes proud of the new breast

Mother Kim Kardashian unintentionally showed the nipple

Alicia Silverstone to organic vibrator

Tatjana Simic finally decided once again to pose for "Playboy"


Cheryl Cole mad about breast Kate Middleton


J-Lo twice showed nipples

Sushi bar allows men to look at women's toilet

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