Senior Warrant Officer Tatishchev rocket connections Dmitry Voytik rescued children fell through the ice

Missile Command Tatishchev connection provided senior warrant officer Dmitry Voytik to be awarded the medal "For the salvation of dying."

March 8, 2013 Senior Warrant Officer Dmitry Voytik traveling by car with his wife for his son to his parents from the village to the town of Bright Tatischevo (Saratov region). Driving past the pond, Dmitri noticed two school-age children who crossed him on the ice. After a moment, the soldier saw the first one and then another child fell through the ice. People around were not. Do not hesitate for a minute, Dmitri abruptly stopped the car, dropping his jacket, rushed to the rescue. A few steps to the children beneath the ice began to crack, Dmitry lay down and crawled to the children, who were girls, grabbed one of them and pulled out of the water, then reached up to the second, which is on the water is no longer held.
Dmitry Voytik took the girls to their parents. Masha Ovchinnikov and Diana Potemkin were cousins.
Water depth in the ill-fated spot as the locals say, more than 3 meters, so that the girls had no chance to escape on their own. Their lives, they are obliged to senior warrant officer Dmitry Voytik, show courage and bravery, who managed to find their way in an emergency situation instantly and accurately.

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